Sole Luna Doc Film Festival celebrates its 13th anniversary and it is now one of the most significant international realities for the promotion of independent cinema, intercultural and interreligious dialogue and for involving schools, prisons and associations that deal with migrants.
Since violence and intolerance spread rapidly in the web on a daily basis, the Association Sole Luna – A bridge between cultures chose to face a new challenge with the aim of encouraging actions of counter speech to deal with the emergency of the hate speech. Our experience has made us aware that the documentary cinema is a privileged method, capable of educating the new generations to adopt good practices.
SOLE LUNA screenings in the schools of Milan, Palermo and Treviso have contributed to raise social awareness and understanding concerning the respect of the fundamental rights of the individual. Through a cloud, which becomes a container of film documentaries on the subject of human rights, we can reach all the Italian high schools. The films, with the consent of directors who want to participate in the educational project, will be available on demand and with a password for all the teachers and become a tool for the students to study the world.

You can contribute to the fight against the hate speech in the web by making a donation; every contribution is precious!

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