Isti’mariyah – Controvento tra Napoli e Baghdad by Michelangelo Severgnini
The documentary describes the big History through small individual stories. For the dialogues built up, for the capacity to face such a strong political theme without fanaticism. For the glimmer of hope that still exists in the chance of choosing as individuals.
Because the documentary interprets in an impeccable way the topic of dialogue, one of the aim of this exhibition.

Best documentary islam section award
Les Chemins de la Baraka  by Manoel Penicaud, Khamis Mesbah
The documentary shows with grace, poetry and anthropological sensitivity an important issue of the Islamic world, popular spirituality.

Best documentary mediterranean section award
Il senso degli altri by Marco Bertozzi
The documentary describes in an excellent way the concept of migration as human condition and exchange between diversities.

Best direction award
The Virgin of Palermo 
 by Antonio Guidi
Thanks to the tuning among different glances, the documentary restores the complexity of a deep-rooted cult catching different aspects of individual devotion.
The black and white choice and the photography technique place this documentary in a time out of time.

Best photography award
Un metro sotto i pesci by Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi
The documentary describes the landscape as a never ending result of the meeting between Nature and History.

Best editing award
Gaza Souvenirs by Samuel Albaric
The documentary succeeds in showing a just narrated story.

Jury special award
Three Times Divorced by Ibtisam Mara’ana
The obstinate perseverance of the main character in pursuing a fair goal in the name of justice becomes here a metaphor of redemption from every kind of abuse.

 Jury special mention
Karim’s Journey by Christopher Nupen
The documentary gives the chance to take part in the education and growth of an unusual intellectual journey.