Prize “A Bridge Between Cultures”, ex aequo, to:

1)In COLORE – Italy, by Fabrizio D’Agostino
A documentary that teaches the gesture of solidarity and friendship through sports and through the simplicity and honesty of the people that organize the Lazio basket team. And that the project of educating children to share knowledge, also traces a new road to be travelled by many communities including the ones from the nomadic camps.

2) Circling the house of God – UK, by Ovidio Salazar
Through the figure of Doctor Lings we learn how to apprehend Islam. The path within faith is a common journey of any belief. Also a very precious film due to the intense study in the historical archives.

Prize Section Mediterranean
Paths of memory – Belgium/Spain, by Jose Luis Peñafuerte
This documentary reveals what happened to large numbers of political dissidents during Franco’s reign. It forces us to examine whether it is desirable to bury forever the memory of tragic events.

Prize Section Islam
Intifada NYC – USA, by David Teague
This film explores the controversial founding of the first Arabic-language public school in New York City. Bringing together the reactions of diverse communities, the film provides valuable insight into zones of intolerance and prejudice.

Prize Best Direction
The other side of Istanbul – Turkey, Germany, by Döndü Kilic
The strength of this documentary lies in its bold message and in the courage of both the filmmaker and those who are filmed.  In showing the paradox of hiding in real life and at the same time appearing on camera, the documentary generates compassion with the characters’ dilemmas.

Prize Best Photography
The call of the mountain – Greek, by Stelios Apostolopoulos
The strength of this film resides in the combination of excellent camera work and extraordinary natural landscapes.

Prize Best Editing
Jaffa, the Orange’s Clockwork – Israel, France, Germany, Belgium by Eyal Sivan
“We made the desert bloom” is a founding Zionist myth.  Using extraordinary archive materials and interviews with well-known Israeli and Arab specialists, this documentary reveals how this myth supplanted the rich agricultural past that used to bind the Arab and Jewish communities.

Prize For Most Innovative Documentary
Goodbye, how are you? – Serbian, by Boris Mitic
Combining clever, ironic, and surprising aphorisms with a collage of witty images, this film recounts the recent history of Serbia. The first person narration conveys a unique and surrealistic perspective.

Special jury prize, ex aecquo, to:
1) A cold land – Iran, by Shahriar Pourseyedian
In this moving tale of a disabled brother and sister and the search for a home, this film avoids portraying these characters as victims but allows us to see the beauty and poetry surfacing from difficulties of all sorts.

2) Il colore delle parole – Italy, by Marco Simon Puccioni
Through individual testimonies, this documentary is a poignant example of how bridges between cultures as diverse as Italy and Cameroun are built and sustained.

Audience Price
Il mare di Joe, Italy, by Enzo Incontro and Marco Mensa