A BRIDGE BETWEEN RELIGIONS: faith and freedom in Judaism, in Christianity and in Islam

Sapere aude, having the courage of deepening our knowledge, discovering the origins of faith, finding freedom in faith, and constructing a bridge of comprehension and apprehension among religions in order to obtain an illuminist and illuminated vision of the “other”, is the objective of our convention, realized in collaboration with Fondazione Roma Mediterraneo. History, in the past centuries has been conditioned by conflicts, the majority of which were motivated by diverse religious faiths and the difficulty in the relations between the West and the near Middle East. This is still a sad reality nowadays, which has been aggravated and can be noticed in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. 9/11 has initiated the new millennium with the most tragic attack in world history after which many other attacks as well as wars have been fought in name of declined religions in fundamentalist ways. Although social tensions are frequently generated by issues other than religion, western democracies and diplomacies have more often been put face to face with the control of various intolerances towards people who have different faiths and practice different religions.

FONDAZIONE ROMA MEDITERRANEO Fondazione Roma Mediterraneo, established in March 2008 by the Fondazione Roma, under the chairmanship of Prof. Lawyer Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, aims to promote economic, social and cultural development in Mediterranean countries through joint projects that revive their shared values and lead to the achievement of a common Mediterranean identity (www.fondazioneroma-mediterraneo.it).