The motivations of the jury
The aim of the jury has been to outline the different ways in which various topics have been tackled in the selected films.
The jury privileged original movies that addressed topics which contributed to our understanding of the contemporary world.

A special prize of the jury goes to “Solo andata, il viaggio di un Tuareg” by Fabio Caramaschi – for the way in which it handles strong issues such as exile and emigration, with a re-appropriation of the movie by the characters.

The best direction prize goes to “Paradiso” by Alessandro Negrini, for the treatment of topics like conflict and reconciliation in a sensitive and humoristic touch, rendering the movie appealing. Cheerful characters render the narration’s structure lively.

Among the short films in the section “Through the sea” the jury had difficulty in selecting only two films and decided to give the prize to two feature length films instead.
The first goes to “Left by the ship“, by Emma Rossi Landi and Alberto Vendemmiati for its excellent film telling the story of the discovery of an untold reality.

The second goes to “Il colore del vento” by Bruno Bigoni for its original way of handling contemporary themes around the Mediterranean area, the use of camera in a just distance and the complexity of the film’s edition.

For the section “Through the land” the best short film prize goes to “A crime in silence“, by Behrouz Nouranipoor for the way in which the horrible effects of war are tackled, using the example of a family and the interesting metaphor of the destruction of human face to express the concept of war.

The prize for the long film goes to “I was worth 50 sheep” by Nima Sarvestani; despite its classical subject of the Afghan women’s condition, the film shows the human need and poverty through the example of an individual family in its complexity. The film avoids stressing passivity and fatality, with a focus on the woman character.

The jury wishes to give mention to the documentary “Deyrouth” by Chloé Mazlo, for its original treatment of the visual, in a very serious theme: the cultural identity with a very human and personal touch.

The prize “Sole Luna, a bridge between cultures” goes to “Mamma Africa“, thanks to Gaetano for having led us towards the rout that our Association will want to undertake.