The jury of the 7th edition of Sole Luna Festival, composed by Antonio Puri Purini (president), Francesca Corrao, Diego Gullotta, Nizar Al-Rawi and Stefano Savona, wants to say thanks to organizers to let them reach a result in the best conditions possible, including freedom to choose the criteria of selection.

The jury wants also to say thanks to the audience, essential part of the festival. Without it, Sole Luna Festival and jury’s work would be totally useless.

There were a lot of very good documentaries, but unfortunately the prizes the jury could give were just 7.

After a careful evaluation of the 35 movies in competition, the jury members decided to award the following documentaries:

  • BEST DOCUMENTARY: Letters from the Desert (elegy to slowness) by Michela Occhipinti. The documentary is the perfect match between technique and cultural value. The extreme quality of the movie doesn’t prevent the audience to feel the great emotions it expresses.
  • BEST DIRECTOR: Laicité, Inch’Allah by Nadia El Fani. The jury wants to award the brave of this director, a woman, today under protection, that challenged the censorship to offer society and her people a new model to deal with Islamic religion, against any radicalism.
  • BEST PHOTOGRAPHY: Le jardin des merveilles di Anush Hamzehian. The jury found the way the photographer succeeded in expressing the director’s idea really interesting by using wonderful photography.
  • BEST EDITING: Pöli, mémoires d’une femme pygmée di Jean-Daniel Bécache. The jury wants to award the armony the editor succeded in create through a perfect balance among scenes.
  • BEST ‘IN MED. DOC’: Iraq N’ Roll di Gili Gaon. The jury members really appreciated the great balance between particular story and general story while presenting the problem of loss of identity.
  • BEST ‘OUT MED. DOC’: Singing for life. The Voices of Africa di Barbara Weissenbeck. The jury found the cultural solution to social problem very coherent with the goal of the association. Besides a great quality, we can find an even greater cultural value, i.e. how to use art to reach better condition of life.
  • MOST INNOVATIVE DOCUMENTARY: Bamako Transit di Céline Lixon. The jury really appreciated the way this documentary can express very deep emotions by showing a series of scenes.

The association Sole Luna – Un ponte tra le culture gave the prize “Un ponte tra le culture” to What about Columbus by Lander Camarero for the enthusiasm shown in creating a fiction through three different points of view that become a real bridge between cultures during the narration.

The last but not the least is the audience prize, won by the poignant documentary Los olvidados de los olvidados by the Spanish director Carles Caparrós.