The jury of the 8th edition of Sole Luna Festival, composed by Alessandro Rais (President), Giona A. Nazzaro, Michela Occhipinti, Maria Cristina Papetti, Fariborz Kamkari and Emma Rossi Landi, wants to say thanks to organizers to let them reach a result in the best possible conditions, including freedom to choose the criteria of selection.

The jury wants also to say thanks to the audience, essential part of the festival. Without it, Sole Luna Festival and jury’s work would be totally useless.

After a careful evaluation of the movies in competition, the jury members decided to award the following documentaries:

Best Latin-American Film
Girl From The South
By Jose Luis Garcia

A fascinating history of an unknown and extraordinary female character. An attractive and unforgettable film with a very incisive language. A journey through the history between Korea and Argentina from a very personal point of view and, for this reason, a deeply universal film. It addresses the issue of idealism and talks about the loss of ideals and the gaining of Pragmatism essential to survive.

Best Film
La Ultima Estacion
By Catalina Vergara

A daring and intense film, cinematographically capable of expressing the meaning of old age, abandonment and waiting for death, with no fear of voids and body decay. The jury wants to reward the two Chilean filmmakers for the high level of the whole work, from the direction to photography and editing.

Best Film for the section In Med.doc
Tea or Electricity
By Jerome Le Maire

An epic and incisive film that tells the encounter between tradition and modernity in an honest way and without rhetoric, with a high visual and narrative impact. A bold and careful direction that keeps the right distance, telling the paradox of progress and leaving many questions unanswered.

Special In Med Mention
Sunflower Seeds
By Antonis Tolakis

A touching and delicate short film capable of a deep look on the themes of the new immigration through the eyes of Afghan children in Greece.

Best  film for the section Out Med.doc
Cinema Jenin
By Marcus Vetter

A beautiful story that tells us of the courage of those who believe in an idea even when everything around is destruction. The stubbornness and madness of a project that manages to combine a multitude of people of different religions in the name of freedom that cinema can give.

Best direction
Soldier on the Roof.
By Esther Hertog

A sharp film, which tells the condition of the Palestinians from Hebron through the violence of the words and actions of Israeli settlers. A movie that is violent without ever showing a scene of war. The director, who spent three years in Hebron for this film, succeeds in giving a pacifist perspective through the images, without taking an explicit position.

Best photography
Tokio Waka
By John Haptas and Kristine Samuelson

A really unusual topic: Tokyo and the crows. A film full ​​of interviews and poetic and colorful framings: cherry blooming trees, flowing water, trees, crows, various urban landscapes. The intentions of talking about the city accompany the viewer through a careful and complex analysis of Tokyo and its social structure and urban planning.

The most innovative film
A story for the Modlins
By Sergio Oksman

A bizarre and original film with a simple and coherent direction resulting extremely effective.

Best editing
By Mattia Epifani

The birth of punk and reggae music in Puglia through the story of Pietro, called the Militant P, the Rockman: first of all the front man of Sud Sound System and then a bipolar sufferer locked in a hospital. An extensive and painstaking work of searching and editing archival materials.

SoleLuna bridging through the documentary film Special Prize
Hungry minds
By Beatrix Schwehm

Three stories, just one message: knowledge originates happiness, both for who receives it and for who brings it. In a historical moment where contemporary man lives and communicates almost exclusively through networks, the book remains the most precious gift in the remote communities of the world.

The Audience Award was won by the film La Boda by Marina Seresesky