15-21 September 2014
Chiostro Minore, Museo di Santa Caterina


1970753_845315735501014_6861568113097123891_n   “L’Associazione Michelangelo


“The Association Michelangelo Antonioni, founded by the only grandchild of the director, Elisabetta, made its debut in 2011 at the Rome International Film Festival. Silvia Ronchey and Paolo Mereghett partecipation allowed to submit one unpublished screenplay by Michelangelo Antonioni: Patire o Morire. The film was never made because the theme of the feminine mystique in the seventies did not attract producers, such as nowdays. Part of the script was picked up in the third episode of “Al di là delle nuvole”, directed by Antonioni more than twenty years later. The unpublished photographs of the exhibition were taken by Antonioni himself in 1939 and included in an article he wrote for the number 68 of the Cinema magazine: “For a film on the Po river.” These photographs, original and unique, document Antonioni interest in the places of his childhood and youth. We had these photoghraphs thanks to the director’s brother, Carlo Alberto, who has jealously guarded them.
In 1943, Antonioni decided to make a documentary about the people who lived and worked by the Po river, but soon the war would have caused a forced stop. He went back making his documentary in 1947, finding out that almost half of the shooting was lost. We will never know whether it was voluntarily destroyed for political reasons or for inexperience of those who had the task to develop the shot material. It is certain that the most dramatic scenes, such as the water that goes into poor huts and destroys everything, are irreparably damaged and unusable. A sincere thanks to the Sole Luna Treviso Doc Film Festival that, now in its ninth edition, has decided to remember Michelangelo Antonioni and through the Association named after him pays homage to him with a photo exhibition. For us it is an honor to be present and contribute to the dialogue between cultures.”

Elisabetta Antonioni

Association Michelangelo Antonioni President

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