BUENOS AIRES Regia/Director Daniel Gil Suarez Fotografia/Photography Nicolas Pinzón Sarmiento Montaggio/Editing Daniel Gil Suarez Produzione/Production TLCA Spagna, 2013, 12’ senza dialoghi/ no dialogues

A pleasant and original short film set in Spain where an Argentinian immigrant “must” steal spare wheels from the cars kept in the port.



Regia/Director Alessandro Cartosio, Irene Majo Garigliano Fotografia/Photography Alessandro Cartosio Montaggio/Editing Anna Fuga Italia, 2013, 38’, hindi, sottotitoli in italiano/Hindi Italian subtitles

India: Devidas, 50 years old, is a cashier in a bank, but every year in August he is possessed by the goddess Manasa in the Hindu temple of Kamakhya. But the ghora (possessed man) of the goddess Bogola is much younger; he is 20 years old and works for the security of the temple. They both experience the ambivalent status of man/ god. The India of today, split between its ancient spiritual tradition and the numerous towering shopping malls, is the setting of our journey between the sacred and the profane.

Kijima stories
Kijima stories


Regia/Director Mikles Laetitia Fotografia/Photography Nicolas Duchêne Montaggio/Editing Marie-Pierre Frappier Emmanuelle Pencalet Produzione/Production Night Light Francia, 2013, 30’ giapponese e francese, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/Japanese and French, Italian and English subtitles

“Kijima is no longer a yakuza” affirms a newspaper of Sapporo (Japan). Is it true? A mysterious drawer makes his own inquiries in order to understand the choice of the former Japanese gangster. He slowly becomes haunted by the character. Sounds and drawings begin to cover his true vision of life.



Regia/Director Sonja Blagojevic Fotografia/Photography Sonja Blagojevic Montaggio/Editing Nemanja Babic, Sonja Blagojevic Produzione/Production Center for Visual Communications KVADRAT Serbia, 2013, 75’ serbo, sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Serbian, Italian and English subtitles

For ten years now, the sound of the Kosma radio network is the only thing connecting highly isolated Serbian communities in Kosovo. In this place laden with rich and vivid history and tradition, the radio voices bear witness to everyday life, human connections, significant events and ever-present hope.

La mia classe
La mia classe


Regia/Director Daniele Gaglianone Fotografia/Photography Gherardo Gossi Montaggio/Editing Enrico Giovannone Produzione/Production Axelotil Film Italia, 2013, 93’, italiano, sottotitoli in inglese/Italian English subtitles Un attore impersona un maestro che dà lezioni di italiano ad una classe di extracomunitari che vogliono imparare l’italiano.

An actor plays a teacher holding Italian classes attended by a group of non-EU immigrants who want to learn Italian. During the shooting reality takes over. When he director shouts: “Cut!”, the whole cast invades the set: they all become actors in a single film of real fiction.

Little Heaven
Little Heaven


Regia/Director Lieven Corthouts Fotografia/Photography Lieven Corthouts Montaggio/Editing Jan Decoster Produzione/Production OffWorld Ethiopia, 2011, 69’ emglish e amarico sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/Emglish and Amharic, Italian and English subtitles

Right In the heart of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa is a small orphanage called “Little Heaven”. One of the orphans, Lydia, is 13 today. A truly joyful event, because she can now move to the “other house” where all of the “big kids” live. Unfortunately this special day is overshadowed by the shocking news delivered to her by the head nurse: Lydia is HIV positive.

Locked Down
Locked Down


Regia/Director Liat Mer Fotografia/Photography Roi Roth Montaggio/Editing Hila Itzchaki Produzione/Production One Light Productions Israele, 2013, 56’ ebreo, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/ Hebrew, Italian and English subtitles

A rare look at the interactions between inmates and wardens over a period of two years, the Neve Tirza prison for women in central Israel is the setting for a story seen through the eyes of three women. Ethnic diversity is explored within the confines of tiny prison cells.



Regia/Director Rosa Izquierdo Guillermo Roques Fotografia/Photography Guillermo Roqués, Roza Izquierdo, Carlos Martínez Montaggio/Editing Rosa Izquierdo, Guillermo Roques Produzione/Production Camara Excentrica Spagna, 2011, 20’ catalano, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/ Catalan, Italian and English subtitles

Marta, a 24 year old girl, wishes to express herself like any other person of her age. Marta has a cerebral palsy since her childhood, but thanks to a dance workshop she works on her body and becames the star of the Pianola choreography.

Pole, Dancer, Movie
Pole, Dancer, Movie


Regia/Director Isri Halpern Fotografia/Photography Isri Halpern Montaggio/Editing Isri Halpern Michal Tsviboim Produzione/Production Isri Halpern Films Ltd. Israele, 2013, 55’, ebraico, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/ Hebrew, Italian and English subtitles

Without apology or a sense of victimhood, this film follows the founder of Israel’s first pole dancing studio as she competes for the European title champion. The film reveals an outspoken and frank woman who challenges the world she lives in no less than she challenges the one she came from.

Sans Image
Sans Image


Regia/Director Fanny Douarche, Franck Rosier Fotografia/Photography Fanny Douarche, Franck Rosier Montaggio/Editing Laurent Leveneur Produzione/Production Wendigo Films Francia, 2013, 76’ francese, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/ French, Italian and English subtitles

Whereas repressive laws against illegals are multiplying, Matenin, a Malian migrant, and two fellow countrymen, Abdoulaye and Gaye, fight in the streets and also on a theatre stage trying to elaborate their own way to resist.

dvd sing1
Sing your song


Regia/Director Omar Falah Fotografia/Photography Ahmad al hilaly Montaggio/Editing Omar Falah Produzione/Production Omar Falah Iraq, 2011, 15’, arabo, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/ Arabic, Italian and English subtitles

Majid is a young talented singer of Iraqi folk music, he lives and works in the province of Nasiriyah in southern Iraq. Repressive laws prevent him, however, to be able to cultivate his passion: the music.

six daysLanja_car


Regia/Director Nikolina Gillgren Fotografia/Photography Ivan Blanco Montaggio/Editing Lars Gustafson Hanna Lejonqvist Produzione/Production Kvinna till Kvinna Svezia, 2013, 56’ inglese, abkhazo, megreliano, curdo, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/English, Abkhazian Megrelian, Kurdish, Italian and English subtitles

Six Days is a film about women’s courage and survival in the aftermath of war. Lanja, a journalist in Iraqi Kurdistan, gives voice to women beaten. Maia in the breakaway region Abkhazia, Georgia, brings health care to young women. Nelly fights against poverty in the slums of Monrovia, Liberia.

The fading valley
The fading valley


Regia/Director Irit Gal Fotografia/Photography Daniel Gal Montaggio/Editing Rabab Haj Yahya Produzione/Production Irit Gal Productions Isreale, 2013, 54’ ebraico, arabo, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/Hebrew and Arabic, Italian and English subtitles

In the Jordan Valley a group of Palestinian farmers is hidden from the eye; their pastures declared military areas, the water diverted to the Jewish residents. This film documents the lives of these farmers whose rights were taken away and who have become like illegal residents in their own land.



Regia/Director Youlian Tabakov Fotografia/Photography Adam Nilsson Montaggio/Editing Nina Altaparmakova, Adam Nilsson, Youlian Tabakov Produzione/Production GNUFILM, AGITPROP Bulgaria, 2013, 66’ bulgaro, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/ Bulgarian, Italian and English subtitles

Born in a wealthy family, little Tzvetanka dreamed to become an actress, but life completely changed her destiny. “Tzvetanka” is the story of a woman who has outlived the three epochs in modern Bulgarian history: monarchy, communism and democracy.

Và pensiero
Và pensiero


Regia/Director Dagmawi Yimer Fotografia/Photography Dagmawi Yimer Montaggio/Editing Lizi Gelber Produzione/Production Archivio Memorie Migranti Italia, 2012, 56’ italiano e woloof sottotitoli in italiano/Italian and Woloof, Italian subtitles

Va’ pensiero is the crossed story of two racist attacks in Milan and Florence and the complicated reconstruction of the fragments of life of survivors. Milan: Mohamed Ba, a Senegalese griot, actor and educator who has been resident in Italy for 14 years, is stabbed on May 31, 2009, in broad daylight, in the center of Milan. Florence: Mor and Cheikh, also immigrants from Senegal and resident in Florence, are thumped on 13th December, 2011, when they are working at the market of San Lorenzo.

Vom horen sagen
Vom horen sagen


Regia/Director Eibe Maleen Krebs Fotografia/Photography Marvin Hesse,, Joachim Glaser, Yannik Lüdemann Montaggio/Editing Tanja Schwerdorf Eibe Maleen Krebs Produzione/Production Eibe Maleen Krebs Germania, 2013, 65’ tedesco, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/ German, Italian and English subtitles

How to explore a world that is not reachable, not even imaginable? The imagination of people who have been blind since their day of birth is a theoretical and cinematic challenge: film-maker Eibe Maleen Krebs was curious to understand how blind people handle the visual world.



Regia/Director Kostas Pliakos Fotografia/Photography Mohanned Ben Ghuzi Kostas Pliakos, Kais Bchir Montaggio/Editing Dimitris Klagos Produzione/Production Wide-Angle, Kostas Pliakos Grecia-Libia, 2013, 75’ arabo, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/ Arabic, Italian and English subtitles

The story takes place in post-revolution Libya. It is a documentary on a country’s rebuilding from scratch after a revolution. The film’s main character is Yusef, a young rapper. Through his eyes the film unfold young Libyans’ vision for their country after Gaddafi.  



NDC sito


Regia/Director Audry Espinasse Fotografia/Photography Sami Lorentz, Audrey Espinasse Montaggio/Editing Audry Espinasse Produzione/Production Les Films Sauvages Francia, 2011, 15’ senza dialoghi/ no dialogues

Lambs, fire, men: the celebration of Easter throught the elaboration of a meal in a benedictin monastery.

grand distrib2


Regia/Director Emanuelle Lacosse Fotografia/Photography Denis Le Paven Montaggio/Editing Emanuelle Lacosse Denis Le Paven Produzione/Production Les choses du kolkhoze Francia 2012, 20’ senza dialoghi/ no dialogues

Douar Touggana. A Berber village where, every night, an unchanging and timeless choregraphy is performed. By dawn, the great round begins…

Making pistachio macaroons at Meert Patisserie – Lille, France


Regia/Director Alexis Krasilovsky Fotografia/Photography Sharad Babu, Alpha O. Bah,Jendra Jarnagin and others Montaggio/Editing Katey Bright Produzione/Production Rafael Film, LLC USA, 2013, 54’ bengali, inglese, francese, guerze, giapponese, jicarilla apache, somali, spagnolo, telugu, turkana and turco, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/Bengali, English, French, Guerze, Japanese, Jicarilla Apache, Somali, Spanish, Telugu, Turkana and Turkish,English and Italian subtitles

“Let Them Eat Cake” is a poetic narrative that takes you on a journey through twelve countries. “Let Them Eat Cake” addresses the planetary emergency of too little food, while seducing the viewer with the lavish traditions and beauty of pastry-making that call us back to the roots of our childhood.

Mustafa and Yagmur


Regia/Director Angelos Abazoglou Fotografia/Photography Laurent Fénart Giorgos Giannelis Montaggio/Editing Fanny Ziozia Produzione/Production Cyclope Productions Grecia, 2011, 79’ turco, sottotitoli in italiano e inglese/ Turkish, Italian and English subtitles

The documentary tells the story of Mustafa, 16-year-old boy who works as a pastry shop apprentice in Gaziantep, the Capital of Baklava, in Eastern Turkey. His dream is to become a famous pastry chef in Istanbul. The journey he goes through leads him to find more than bright lights at his destination.

Nicoletta Bocca

SENZA TRUCCO Regia/Director Giulia Graglia Fotografia/Photography Tarek Ben Abdallah Montaggio/Editing Enrica Gatto Produzione/Production Effetto Notte Italia, 2011, 72’ italiano/Italian

Four natural wine Italian producers tell their work and their lives. Each of them is filmed in a different season. The portrait of four courageous and strong women, different from each other but united by the same passion.

The lord of Darjeeling
The lord of Darjeeling


Regia/Director Xavier de Lauzanne Fotografia/Photography Jérôme Krumenacker Mathieu Aimard Montaggio/Editing Mathieu Aimard Produzione/Production Aloest Productions Francia, 2006, 52’, inglese, sottotitoli in italiano/English, Italian subtitles

At the farthest reaches of India and Nepal, in Darjeeling, Rajah Banerjee, the owner of a family tea establishment was the first one to dedicate himself to organic agriculture and fair trade, though he produces one of the most sought-after teas in the world. He is a charismatic figure who sees growing tea as a true way of life. He roams his otherworldly gardens on horseback and elegantly makes us think about the possible harmony between man and nature.



"La picccola guerrigliera" foto scattata durante le riprese


Regia/Director Giancarlo Bocchi Fotografia/Photography Giancarlo Bocchi Montaggio/Editing Leonardo Rigon Produzione/Production IMC Independent Movie Company Italia-Birmania, 2013 42’, inglese-birmano sottotitoli in italiano/ English-Burmese Italian subtitles

For 70 years, Karen, one of the most important ethnic groups in Burma, has been fighting for freedom, first against Japanese people, and even today against the military authorities. The longest armed resistance in modern history, in which Karen women have always fought on the front lines. Zoya Phan is one of them, she lives in political exile in England and has become the icon of the resistance of an entire people.



Regia/Director Jérôme Le Maire Fotografia/Photography Jerôme Colin, Antoine Parouty, Jerôme le Maire Montaggio/Editing Matyass Veress Produzione/Production IotaProducton Belgio, 2012, 93’ arabo, sottotitoli in italiano/Arabic Italian subtitles

The documentary is set in the heart of the mountains in Morocco where, isolated rocks and walnut trees, the small village of IFRI lives in autarky. Nothing hospitals, schools, post offices, but a life punctuated by the rising and setting of the sun and the changing seasons. One day two officials bring a news that will change the balance of the country: the government wants to bring the power grid. The inhabitants, however, are not sure that this is the modernity they need.



CANAT 2 copia


Regia/Director Stefania Casini Fotografia/Photography Fabrizio Profeta Giuseppe Vaiuso Montaggio/Editing Dario Indelicato Produzione/Production Bizef Produzione Italia, 2014, 52’ italiano/Italian

An amazing blend of cultures had made Palermo the capital of the Mediterranean, where the water was the great treasure. What has survived of this culture that was able to channel, redistribute and celebrate water as an aesthetic value? The documentary goes in search of these testimonies through a fascinating journey where water is the real protagonist for a new interpretation of Palermo.



Regia/Director Pavel Fattakhutdinov Fotografia/Photography Boris Travkin Montaggio/Editing Svetlana Bobrova Produzione/Production SNEGA Russia, 2013, 31’ russo, sottotitoli in italiano/Russian, Italian subtitles

An observational documentary, that follows the narration with a slow pace. Lena and her children live along the course of a Siberian river. The children are often left alone at home, cared for by the older sister, while the mother works on fishing boats.

Casa diroccata


Regia/Director Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi Fotografia/Photography Michele Mellara Montaggio/Editing Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi Produzione/Production Mammut Film Srl Italia, 2006, 58’ italiano, sottotitoli in inglese/Italian, English subtitles

“One metre below the fishes” is a poetical diary about an exotic journey done in an unforgettable land: the mouth of the Po in Northern Italy. The traveller discover an unknown place where people leave and work hard. They live under the sea level. It is also a journey through memories. Fifty years ago the well known director Florestano Vancini did several documentaries about this region. They re-appear in “One metre under the fishes” to disclose a forgotten past and to give strength to the present.



Regia/Director Gloria Aura Bortolini Fotografia/Photography Gloria Aura Bortolini, Angelica Riccardi, Enrico Michieletto Montaggio/Editing Domenico Gambardella Produzione/Production Media Doc Italy, 2014, 31’ inglese, sottotitoli in italiano/English Italian subtitles

A documentary on the “floating houses” of the British capital. It is the portrait of an unusual London and of an increasing community of people that live on boats along its water. Rich people live on the river Thames while less well off people live on Regent’s canal. For some people living afloat is a choice driven by the love for nature and represents a certain lifestyle, for other people it is the only affordable way to live in central London.

Rumore bianco (1)


Regia/Director Alberto Fasulo Fotografia/Photography Alberto Fasulo Montaggio/Editing Johannes H. Nakajima Fabio Nunziata Produzione/Production Paolo Benzi Alessandro Rossetto Alberto Fasulo Italia 2008, 88’ italiano/Italian

Along a frontier land, where intense silences and submerged vitality intersect, flows the Tagliamento – the “King of Alpine rivers”. Backbone of a region that has been hub and crossroads in the history of Europe, the river is the protagonist of a story that explores the power of nature and its possibilities of resistance, the daily life of men and women, and their obstinacy, because “water is supplied with memory”.



Regia/Director Mark Decena Fotografia/Photography John Behrens Montaggio/Editing Matt Notaro Produzione/Production Redford Center Kontent Films USA, 2012, 54’ inglese, sottotitoli in italiano/English Italian subtitles

Executive Produced and Narrated by Robert Redford and Directed by the award-winning filmmaker, Mark Decena, Watershed tells the story of the Colorado River, wild in the past, and always more threatened today. This documentary tries to offer a solution for the future of the American West.