The winners

Sole Luna Festival 2014 – IX Edition


Best documentary for “The journey” section:

Kosma by Sonja Blagojević
Beyond the politically correct discourses, the documentary seduces for the originality of the story and the way of telling it. It stands for the originality through which it transmits, thanks to images, the vitality of a media using sound as the only tool gathering people in a strongly “medialized” world. Radio connects people. Kosma radio, more than television, becomes thus a means to express a breath of  freedom and  remarkable identities,  everything reported lively and lightly. The rhythm of editing is stressed and emphasized by the music. It is a huge expression of the Slavic roots that translates the pain of a minority.


Best documentary for  “Food for life” section:

Mustafa ‘s Sweet Dreams by Angelos Abazoglou

Through the representation of one of the masterpieces of world cuisine , the baklava , the documentary captures a thickness narrative , becoming the metaphor of initiation , the dream of a teenager lightly collides with the difficulties of life . It is the story of a passion and a dream , told with depth and attention and with a great assembly . The disillusionment of the dreams of the young protagonist is offset by the surprise discovery of love . Especially passionate sequences that show the preparation of desserts , masterfully represented by a photograph that enhances the food , carrier of culture and tradition


Special mention for Best Direction:

Va’ pensiero by Dagmawi Yimer

We reward the director who has managed to bring out the exceptional talent of a great actor . The self-portraits of Senegalese immigrants , impressed during their ordinary daily life , are focused without any complacency but with a yield of one of the simple and profound dramas of coexistence in the contemporary world . History of immigration ordinary and extraordinary violence against freedom and respect for human rights , the film is notable for the evidence of a cinema in story form that has its roots in the tradition of the griot .


Special Mention for Photography (ex-equitable) :

Vom Horen Sagen by Eibe Maleen Krebs
With an extraordinary skill in photography, that uses the contrast among sharp lights on black backgrounds and the colouring choreography of the world of dreams, the film succeeds in the challenge of representing through images the universe of  blind people. A particular emotional impact is given by  the “visions” of a blind woman inside a toy balloon of air: almost a foetal and original condition  of her contact with the world.

La Grande Distribution by Emmanuelle Lacosse
The vision of a timeless choreography, whose gestures are unchangeably repeated, translates an ordinary daily tradition into art. The images of bread, characterised by an extraordinary sensuality, are small cameos on the background made by everyday noises that become musical rhythm.


Special mention for Best Editing:

Let them eat cake by Alexis Krasilowsky

In this film, the wisdom and the acceleration of the assembly becomes representation and judgment on the universe overall , without any form of moralism explicit. There is a scan that contrasts violently lust , luxury and plenty of counter poverty and malnutrition , but the grounds of judgment are always underground ingeniously solved in the liveliness of modulation sequences .


Special Mention for the most innovative film:

Kijima Stories by Laetitia Mikles
The documentary stands out for the originality of the subject and the courage of the production. The topic strictly links, passing from violence to poetry, the world of writing and the world of narration through drawing, turning the sketch into a character. By paraphrasing the ancient technique of tattoos, sign of affiliation to a clan in the Yakuza universe (Japanese mafia), the perfect elegance of the gestures, qualifying Japanese culture, and the brightness of the illustrations become tools that nurture one’s hope of redemption.




La Mia Classe by Daniele Gaglianone


Ghora. La danza degli Dei by  Alessandro Cartosio and Irene Majo Garigliano

Liceo Artistico di Treviso, classe 4_E corso Audiovisivo e Multimediale

First prize to: London Afloat by Gloria Aura Bortolini
An interesting initiative promoted during the 2014 edition of the Sole Luna Festival regards the Art School of Treviso partecipation to the training program of the festival. One of the classes in the School has given birth to two juries that, independently of the international jury, declared the winner of the ON THE RIVER section. These juries were composed by young girls and boys, who, this year, have taken a leading role giving a significant contribution to the recognition of the “new visions”. The jury composed by students chose London Afloat by Gloria Aura Bortolini as the winner of the section ON THE RIVER for this reason:
“For the originality of the subject; for the script and the wise direction; for the quality of the photography, the images and the shooting; because it identifies a little-known reality of the city of London, referring to the life around the banks of the Regent Canal and the River Thames. ”

Liceo Scientifico A. Einstein di Palermo

First prize to:Va’ Pensiero by Dagmawi Yimer

For the narrative force which is able to tell without rhetoric and with disarming authenticity aspirations daily and thirst for normality of those forced to migrate for groped to rebuild their lives in Italy . For mounting geometric and linear , which makes the vision clear , poetic and touching . Due to the sensitivity of the images and the power of the interviews that allow to touch the humanity of others and others’ physical wounds and existential , forcing the viewer to confront his darkest pregiudizi.Per the ability to grasp the absurdity of racism and its inaudible and unjustifiable charge of violence and destructiveness . For the stubborn determination with which the director is pursuing , thanks to the protagonists of the film , his hope for a better world .


Gruppo Albatros di Palermo 

First prize to:
Mustafa’s sweet dreams by Angelos Abazoglou
For the human story of a young man, close to the experience of each individual, who wants to become autonomous and stubbornly chases his own dreams, showing courage and adaptability even in times of difficulty.
For the evocative images of rural Turkey and Istanbul, both very different, shown with amazing colours and lights.
For the traditional music that accompanies the story, following the mood of the protagonists: melodies capable of arousing feelings of emotion but also of happiness and joy.
For the lesson we can draw from, keeping alive our hope for the future and our confidence in the ability to achieve our aspirations, despite these collide with the problems of everyday life and consequently must be downsized.


The prize “A bridge between cultures 2014” is assigned to the great artist Giancarlo Bocchi by the President Lucia Gotti Venturato for the following reasons:
“For constant artistic militancy supported by rigorous ethics in search of untold truths, stories of human suffering and conflicts.”