Winners Sole Luna Doc Film Festival – Palermo 2017

SOLE LUNA AWARDS / INTERNATIONAL JURY Best documentary Prisons Sisters, Nima Sarvestani Il film esprime in maniera esemplare la complessità di costruire ponti fra radicamenti culturali differenti. Anche quando tutto lascia presagire la possibilità per la protagonista di affrancarsi dai legami primordiali, familiari e religiosi, riemerge la forza dell’appartenenza. Prison Sisters trailer 90 sec from Nima Film on Vimeo.
Mention for best direction Who’s gonna love me now?, Tomer Heymann, Barak Heymann The anthropologic imagination of the film is reflected by its capacity to link a personal story to wider issues. The director skilfully depicts complex issues concerning identity, religion and familiar relationships. Through the protagonist’s life a traditionalist community is lead to critically reflect about itself.
Mention for best photography Dead Ears, Linas Mikuta A poetic and mysterious photography evokes the unusual way in which the subject interacts with the environment. It sharply and dazzlingly shows the stepmother nature, which is as indifferent to animals as it is indifferent to a father and a child. It reflects and reinforces a sensibility which is strengthened by the protagonist’s disability. Filmo ŠALTOS AUSYS / DEAD EARS anonsas / trailer from MONOKLIS on Vimeo.
Mention for best editing 69 minutes in 86 days, Egil Haskjold Larsen The accurate representation of the temporal dimension is shown through the young protagonist’s point of view throughout her odyssey to Sweden. This allows the audience to identify itself with the migrants, the unwilling travellers of our time.
Mention for most innovative documentary Eau Sacrée, Olivier Jourdain The film faces, with surprising simplicity, the sensitive subject of female pleasure. Using cheerful and common language, it leads us to question the topic in a fresh and original way.
A BRIDGE BETWEEN CULTURES AWARD Brother Jacob, Eli Roland Sachs One of the main goals of the Sole Luna - A bridge between cultures Association is to animate a reflection on the society that surrounds us, with particular attention to younger generations. For this reason, our award goes to BROTHER JACOB, a film that with harmony and sincerity, tells a story more than ever about present time and loneliness: the difficult conversion of Jacob to Islam, his reflections and his continuous efforts to face his own fragility. The film is a gesture of love by his brother Eli and it becomes a road, a bridge, capable of bringing Jacob’s intimate drama to surface; he finally begins a formative and constructive self-analysis. Brother Jakob trailer from Taskovski Films on Vimeo.
SPECIAL JURY NEW ITALIANS As far as the section ‘Short Films’ of Sole Luna Doc Film Festival XII Edition is concerned, the special Jury “New Italians”, proclaimed “Alan” by Mohammad Jouri winner of this section giving the following considerations: _ - The theme: the young protagonist’s determination in facing the adversities of life in the environment he lives in. _ - The direction and editing which allow the flawless and coherent flow of the narration _ - The efficacy of photography in consideration of the theme and context _ - The creativity of the soundtrack played by the protagonist himself
SPECIAL JURY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS As far as the section ‘Human Rights’ of Sole Luna Doc Film Festival XII Edition is concerned, the members of the special Jury ‘High school Students’ (Liceo Scientifico Albert Einstein, Liceo Scientifico Benedetto Croce, Liceo Linguistico Ninni Cassarà, Palermo) have unanimously proclaimed “Prison Sisters” by Nima Sarvestani and “Dove vanno le nuvole” by Massimo Ferrari, winners ex aequo. Below are the Jury’s arguments: Prison Sisters by Nima Sarvestani - The documentary’s clear testimony about women’s conditions in countries where an extremist view of Islam is dominant - The director’s splendid capability to tell the protagonists’ story by entering an intimate dimension, by showing short moments of their everyday life which have deep existential and cultural meaning - The magnificent screenplay and the efficient editing thanks to which a strong empathy between the protagonists and the audience is created - The ability to tell in a captivating way, and in different cultural environments, the way of living of Afghan and western women, allowing the spectators to question what ‘cultural difference’ actually is - The overwhelming perseverance through which it leads the audience to find out about the protagonists’ destiny - The narrative intensity of the message through which it provides the audience with an instance of courageous fight for freedom and for women’s rights Dove vanno le nuvole by Massimo Ferrari - The capability to tell, under different circumstances, the welcoming of the migrants; it highlights the commitment of those people who, through their constant and unselfish work, help other human beings to build a new fulfilling life within Italian society after unwillingly escaping their countries of origin. - The ability to spread a message of hospitality which promotes the welcoming of the “foreigner” from a point of view focused on faith and hope, rather than on fear and rancor - The message of open-mindedness which is gracefully delivered to the audience, inviting the spectators to resist stereotypes which are as dull as they are deadly. - The spotless and flawless editing which supports in a direct and truthful way the narrative of real life stories
AUDIENCE AWARD Eau Sacrée, Olivier Jourdain

Programme 8 July Palermo – Sole Luna Doc Film Festival

19.00 Creare legami | Establish ties Palermo capitale dei giovani 2017. Un bilancio in prospettiva Incontro con | Meeting with Rete Pa Working, ARCI Palermo, Orto Capovolto, PUSH, PYC&Giosef
NAVATA 21.00 Concorso | Competition Brother Jakob, Eli Roland Sachs Germania, 2016, 92’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles Jakob had his epiphany in the Moroccan mountains where he came across an English language edition of the Quran and converted to Islam. That day changed his relationship with his family, relatives and friends fundamentally. Especially the one with his brother, the director of this very personal film about an alienation. For two years he followed Jakob’s development as the latter quickly radicalised himself and considers himself a Salafist. His attitude became doctrinaire. Believing meant not doubting. Brother Jakob trailer from Taskovski Films on Vimeo.
See you in Chechnya, Alexander Kvatashidze Georgia, 2016, 69’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles An accidental meeting with a foreign war photographer takes Alex to war in Chechnya. After experiencing it, he realizes he also wants to become a war photographer however, he doesn’t succeed. It will take Alex 15 years to track the stories of people, who throw themselves into the frontline, and to understand their true motivations, and to see what war does to them. It will take Alex 15 years to rethink his intention and to realize that he has found his place somewhere else, while turning his back to war. SYIC_Trailer_2016 from Kinoport Film on Vimeo.
GIARDINO 21.00 Art in doc Tobia Scarpa. L’anima segreta delle cose, Elia Romanelli Italia, 2015, 30’ Regista in sala | Meet the author This documentary is based on a series of meetings with Tobia Scarpa; morning meetings, afternoon meetings, having a tea but with two cameras, a tripod and a bit of light. Five meetings in three years. Daily activities: reading, driving, making a paper airplane. Then, from the routine to the extraordinary: to be present at the genesis of objects, to see the process that, starting from a few words and a few pencil sketches on a sheet, leads to something that is unprecedented, something that will enter the world of concrete and touchable things.
Concorso | Competition Alain Daniélou. La via del labirinto, Riccardo Biadene Svizzera – Italia, 2017, 58’, v.o sott. in italiano | o.v. Italian subtitles The extraordinary life of man who brought India to the West. An adventurous musical journey starting from Brittany, passing through India (Shantiniketan, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Konarak, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Pondicherry), Berlin, Venice and Rome, following the story of the French-born Alain Daniélou, indologist and musicologist who mainly lived in India between the 30’s and the 60’s. In 1963, been back to Europe, he founds and directs the Berlin International Institute for Comparative Studies and Documentation, carrying on the recordings for the UNESCO collection. StillDocAD_MishraDance7
L’Eau sacrée, Olivier Jourdain Belgio, 2016, 55’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. Italian and English subtitles L’Eau Sacrée is a respectful ode to female pleasure in Rwanda, with a sense of humor and no trace of embarrassment. Guided by Vestine, an extravagant star of radio nights, the film discovers Rwandan sexuality in search of the water that gushes out the female body and reveals with humor and spontaneity the mystery of female ejaculation. The documentary confronts the western viewer with its own intimacy and immerses you into a modern Rwanda rediscovering its heritage in the most secret way: female pleasure.

Programma7 July Palermo – Sole Luna Doc Film Festival

CENTRO SPERIMENTALE SI CINEMATOGRAFIA 16.00 Masterclass with Mark Peploe and Gianni Massironi Crossroads – ancora una volta il cinema si trova ad un bivio
SANTA MARIA DELLO SPASIMO 18.00 Creare legami | Establish ties Dopo lo sbarco. Percorsi e reti per chi arriva, a Palermo Incontro con | Talk with Itastra, Garante dell’Infanzia e dell’Adolescenza,CIPIA Palermo 1, Centro Astalli, Coop. Libera…mente, Mediterraneo Antirazzista, con un intervento dei rappresentanti del network Welcome Refugees Italia e di testimoni dell’esperienza in famiglia. A conclusione una performance a cura di Arte Migrante.
GIARDINO 20.45 Creare legami | Establish ties Incontro con i partecipanti al workshop con Alessio Genovese Proiezione video | Meeting the workshop attendants and video screening
NAVATA 21.00 Concorso | Competition 69 minute of 86 days, Egil Haskjold Larsen Norvegia, 2017, 70’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano|o.v. English and Italian subtitles Regista in sala| Meet the author Escaping to survive, from a country at war, a 3-year-old girl, Lean, is making her way through a chaotic Europe. The child stands alone as the representative of something pure as well as being a keeper of our faith in humanity and empathy.
Alan, Mohammad Jouri Iraq, 2015, 8’, v.o. sott. in italiano e inglese|o.v. Italian and English subtitles After the war started in Syria, many Kurdish people living in Syria fled to Kurdistan-Iraq. This situation influenced many children’s lives: they had to leave their schools and start working in business, even though they were still too young. Alan is one of those children. He has a difficult economic situation, his father and Alan himself are sick and need medication, and because his father cannot work, Alan must work in the camps  
Une vie contre l’oublie, Kita Bauchet Belgio, 2016, 66’, v.o. sott. in italiano e inglese|o.v. Italian and English subtitles Regista in sala| Meet the author André Dartevelle, Belgium journalist and director, built up a body of work ‘of opposition’ over the course of 40 years, tirelessly giving a voice to the oppressed. Witnessing world conflicts and with social issues in Belgium, and more generally the work of remembrance, close to his heart, he was to highlight the major social and political struggles of his time. With his accounts and those of his collaborators, he insistently revisits key moments of our contemporary history. With André Dartevelle, Luc Dardenne, Michel Khleifi, Hugues Le Paige, Josy Dubié, Wilbur Leguebe, Emmanuelle Dupuis and Alain Lapiower. Une vie contre l'oubli - Trailer FR/EN from Centre de l'Audiovisuel à Bxl on Vimeo.
GIARDINO 21.15 Concorso | Competition Dove vanno le nuvole, Massimo Ferrari USA, 2016, 72’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles Regista in sala | Meet the author From Treviso to Riace, passing through Bologna and Padua, the documentary tells the stories and experiences of those who had the courage to try to transform fear into opportunities and utopia into reality. This documentary film is a journey through Italy and Migrants Emergency: amazing models of coexistence, humanity on the move.
Il naufrago, Georgia Panagou Italia-Francia, 2016, 11’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles 2015 Sicily. A short film partially created with photo stills. A sailor man forced out of his boat, wanders around in an island. Memories and reality mix. A woman is omnipresent. She receives some photos from a man’s journey with  only the coordinates written on them. The only think she can do is imagine where he could have been and go on with her own journey. naufrago_web
Les deux visage d’une femme bamiléké, Rosine Mbakam Belgio, 2016, 76’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles The movie is a confrontation that is questioning the choice of two women, a mother and her daughter, from Cameroun. The first is 68 years old and has always lives in Cameroun. She grew up in the bush where her family like many others fled the repression of French settlers. She married at age 18 with a man that was introduced to her by her parents. The second, the director of the movie, leaves his country at 27 years old to go to Belgium. Two generations who look, especially two women who exchange their privacy, their suffering and their desire as women. The two faces of a bamileke woman - Trailer from Centre de l'Audiovisuel à Bxl on Vimeo.

Programme 6 July 2017 Palermo | Sole Luna Doc Film Festival

Sole Luna Doc Film Festival 3 - 9 luglio /July 2017 Santa Maria dello Spasimo Palermo Ingresso gratuito/free entrance

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19.00 Creare legami | Establish ties Laboratorio Teatrale all’Ucciardone Don Chisciotte: sogni di giustizia Presentazione del progetto | Presentation of the project
NAVATA 21.00 Concorso | Competition Vuelo nocturno, Nicolas Herzog Argentina 2016, 70’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles A series of videos that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry sent to the filmmaker Jean Renoir in 1941 are the starting point to reconstruct the love affair between the French writer and aviator with the “Argentine princesses” Edda and Suzzane Fuchs who are main characters of the chapter “Oasis” in his book Earth of Men and muses of The Little Prince. T_06_02478 copia
Art in doc Ousmane Sow le soleil en face, Béatrice Soulé Francia, 2015, 53’, v.o. sott. italiano|o.v. Italian subtitles In collaborazione con / In collaboration with Institut Français Palermo This is the story of the passing of time, to the slow rhythm of Ousmane Sow and that of the time that rushes, from the birth of a work to its hatching. In the intimacy of the house of the sculptor in Dakar, a house in full creation, Béatrice Soulé shares her emotion of watching these works emerging from the sand that seem to go from death to life. ousmane-sow-le-soleil-en-face5
Concorso | Competition Sasha, Fèlix Colomer Spagna, 2016, 54’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. Italian and English subtitles Regista in sala| Meet the author In collaborazione con / In collaboration with Istituto Cervantes Palermo Sasha is an eight-year-old boy who lives in Ukraine with his mum and five siblings. Their everyday life is involved in misery, poverty and even further complicated by the current war in the country. Sasha leaves Ukraine in order to live during a summer with a Catalan’ family in Catalunya. What he will find out, who he will meet, how he will be affected and how he will live are questions that will arise all throughout the film. SASHA (Trailer English) from SASHA on Vimeo.
GIARDINO 21.00 Concorso | Competition I cormorani, Fabio Bobbio Italia, 2016, 86’, v.o. sottotitoli in inglese | o.v. English subtitles Regista in sala | Meet the author Matteo and Samuele are twelve years old and during the summer they spend their days between the river, the woods and the mall, but compared to previous years something is changing. The game becomes boring, fantasy gives way to discovery, adventure becomes a life experience. A summer with no beginning and with no end, the story of a friendship, of an age and of a territory forced to change with the time flowing inexorable. Overdrive. Return point, Natalia Gugueva Russia, 2016, 93’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles The film is about the difficult inner conflict between Russian and Ukrainian pilots – former comrades-in-arms, fellow soldiers and fellow citizens-  in the times when Ukrainian bombs fall on Donbass.

Programme 5 July 2017 Palermo | Sole Luna Doc Film Festival

Mercoledì 5 luglio | Wednesday July 5th NAVATA 21.00 Art in doc Jan Fabre. Beyond the artist, Giulio Boato Francia – Belgio, 2014, 52’, v.o. sott. in italiano | o.v.Italian subtitles Regista in sala | Meet the author Jan Fabre, born in 1958, lives and works in Antwerp. Many works have been published on his works as a visual artist, stage director, choreographer, set designer, performer. But never has a documentary been produced on this mult-talented figure. The documentary is based on the interviews with Jan Fabre, Georges Banu (a theatre critic), Vincent Baudriller (ex co-director of Festival d’Avignon), Jan Dekeyser (architect of Fabre’s theatre/atelier) and Rudolf Rach (Fabre’s editor in France). The images of 12 shows, 5 exhibitions and many drawings, models and sculptures move behind the words of the interviewees, drawing up the lines of the portrait of one of the most controversial artist of the last  decades.  
Concorso | Competition Who’s gonna love me now?, Tomer Hyemann and Barak Heymann Israele, 2016, 90’, v.o. sott. in italiano e inglese | o.v. Italian and English subtitles The two Israeli filmmakers – and brothers – Tomer & Barak Heymann dig deep into manhood, religion, family and sex in this portrait of Saar Maoz, an HIV-positive gay man torn between his “out” life as a member of the London Gay Men’s Chorus and his desire to reconnect with his Orthodox family in Israel. The result is a moving portrait of a man trying to maintain balance as he navigates between two very different worlds.
The living of pigeons, Baha’ Abu Shanab Palestina, 2014, 17’, v.o. sott. in italiano | o.v. Italian subtitles In collaborazione con / In collaboration with Al Ard Doc Film Festival A haunting glimpse of the surreal early morning hours and the daily experience of “rush hour” at Checkpoint 300, which separates Bethlehem in the West Bank from Jerusalem theliving_web
Sans le Kosovo, Dea Gjinovci Svizzera – Kosovo 2016, 22’, v.o. sott. in italiano e inglese | o.v. Italian and English subtitles Regista in sala| Meet the author In 1968, Asllan Gjinovci is a Physics student at the University of Prishtina. Following his involvement in student protests asking for the autonomy of Kosovo in Yugoslavia, he’s forced to flee the country. Setting him out on a three-year odyssey, hiding a few months in Croatia then spending two and half years in refugee camps in Italy, to finally settle in Switzerland. The director of the documentary is his daughter. Kosovo is a mysterious part of her identity, mainly shaped by 90’s news footage of the Kosovo war. stillsanslekosovo2
GIARDINO 21.00 Concorso | Competition Dönüş-Retour, Valeria Mazzucchi Italia, 2017, 50’, v.o. sott. in italiano e inglese | o.v. Italian and English subtitles Regista in sala | Meet the author Jérôme Bastion is a correspondent for Radio France Internationale (RFI) in Turkey. He has lived for 20 years in Istanbul, becoming a reference for the French speaking radio audiences in world. As a voice for civil rights and freedom of speech, Jérôme has witnessed Erdoğan’s Turkey returning into the state of violence and deprivation of freedoms, a situation that reminds him of the status quo when he first arrived in Turkey. Dönüş–Return follows the life of Jérôme in his last weeks in Istanbul, before his distressful decision to leave Turkey after the Turkish general election of November 2015. Dönüş–Return is a character-driven current affairs documentary that deepens the ongoing decline of Erdoğan’s Turkey towards an authoritarian and undemocratic state, where opposition, civil rights and freedom of speech are strongly and violently oppressed. Dönüş-Retour teaser from Valeria Mazzucchi on Vimeo.  
A woman’s story, Azra Rashid Canada, 2015, 52’, v.o. sott. in italiano e inglese | o.v. Italian and English subtitles A look at genocide, survival, and physical and cultural continuity through the eyes of three women who have experienced three different genocides of the 20th century. Shot on location in Canada, Poland, Bangladesh and Rwanda, A Woman’s Story features three strong women who are connected by the thread of survival. Each one becomes aware of the story of the other, and by this they become more determined to continue their essential duty. By putting women at the center of the narrative and transcending their victimization, this film highlights their resilience and survival.
Nowhere line: voices from Manus Island, Lukas Schrank Australia – Inghilterra, 2015, 15’, v.o. sott. in italiano e inglese | o.v. Italian and English subtitles Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island (trailer) from Lukas Schrank on Vimeo.  
Intégration Inch’Allah, Pablo Muñoz Gomez Belgio, 2016, 59’, v.o. sott. in italiano e inglese | o.v. Italian and English subtitles They have just arrived in Brussels. Newly arrived immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Morocco have to follow a mandatory integration course in Flanders, called « inburgering ». To obtain their certificate, they will have to learn the habits and customs of Flanders and Belgium. With humor and tenderness, the film follows these characters throughout their journey.  

Programme 4 July 2017 Palermo | Sole Luna Doc Film Festival

Sole Luna Doc Film Festival 3-9 luglio /July 2017 Santa Maria dello Spasimo Palermo Ingresso gratuito/free entrance

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Martedì 4 luglio | Tuesday July 4th 19.00 Creare legami | Establish ties Photo-maraton 2016. Visioni (di)visioni Presentazione del progetto | Presentation of the project NAVATA 21.00 Concorso | Competition Blaxploitalian 100 years of blackness in Italian cinema, Fred Kuwornu USA, 2016, 60’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles BlaxploItalian: 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema is a documentary that uncovers the careers of a population of entertainers never heard from before: Black actors in Italian cinema. With modern day interviews and archival footage, the documentary discloses the personal struggles and triumphs that classic Afro-Italian, African-American and Afro-descendant actors faced in the Italian film industry, while mirroring their struggles with those of contemporary actors who are working diligently to find respectable, significant, and non-stereotypical roles, but are often unable to do so. TRAILER BLAXPLOITALIAN from Do The Rigth Films Entertainment on Vimeo. Prison sisters, Nima Sarvestani Svezia 2016, 90’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles Prison Sisters takes us through the journey of two young women who have been released from prison in Afghanistan. Sara’s uncle has planned to kill her in an attempt to save his honour in their small village. Fearing for her life Sara escapes to Sweden, but Najibeh stays behind. While Sara struggles with her newfound freedom, her former prison-mate Najibeh disappears and soon Sara hears that she was stoned to death. Sara and the filmmaker want to find out the truth, only to encounter a maze of half- truths on the streets of Afghanistan. We follow the two main characters, revealing what happened to them – each with an exceptional fate depicting the horrific reality for women in Afghanistan. Prison Sisters trailer 90 sec from Nima Film on Vimeo.
GIARDINO 21.00 Art in doc Anima Pietra – Sulle orme di Sarino Santamaria, Ivana Stroscio, Mattia Trupia, Costanza La Bruna, Francesca La Bianca, Federica Bannò Italia 2016, 15’, italiano | Italian Registi in sala | Meet the authors Favignana is a butterfly-shaped island characterized by a wing grooved with caves, sinkholes and quarries that have the solemn and metaphysical aspect of ancient sanctuaries. From these quarries people have extracted the tuff blocks for centuries, blocks from which Rosario Santamaria, “U Zu ‘Sarino” as everyone still calls him on the island, elaborated his sculptures. Through the memories of the inhabitants of Favignana, Anima Pietra retraces the steps of this man, “fantastic sovereign” who dominated the island with his heads and his bizarre personality. The documentary was born from A.P.Q. – Young Creators of themselves and the territory (CreAZIONI giovani) of the Regione Siciliana – Line 1 “Young Talents”, with the project “Sicily Outsider – artistic paths in the invisible”. anima-pietra_web
Concorso | Competition L de libertad, Javier Hernandez & Marc Guanyabens Spagna, 2016, 11’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles In collaborazione con / In collaboration with Istituto Cervantes Palermo L de Libertad narrates the history of Javier Hernández, a young Aragonese boy born without arms, who wants to acquire a driving license with his toes. Sacrifice and perseverance, these are the “weapons” of our hero, who, during a hole month, fights against himself and against any social stigma to reach his goal. Ldelibertad_web
Il segreto delle calze, Nicola Contini Italia, 2016, 52’, v.o sott. in inglese | o.v. English subtitles Regista in sala | Meet the author Between Emilia street and Pechino. Emilia and Angiolo, small business entrepreneurs from Tuscany who, after their company producing women’s stockings went bankrupt, emigrated from the small industrial district of Empoli in Italy, to Yiwu, in the People’s Republic of China. Thanks to their knowledge of craftsmanship, from a small Italian district, they catapulted themselves into the new Chinese reality at 65 years old becoming protagonists of the world’s most booming economy. After 10 years spent in China, they have another challenge to face: find the courage to come back home.  
P.E. Class, Jabar Salehi Iran, 2015, 15’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles Exercise is not possible for kids in rural areas. The village is surrounded by mines. In one of the border villages of Kurdistan in Iran, after the Iran-Iraq war, the village school has become a military base. The students of the school do not have a place to play football because all around there are mines. P.E.-Class-web
Kolwezi on air, Idriss Gabel Belgio, 2016, 70’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles Under the continual fire of RTMA’s cameras – the largest local television in Kolwezi – Congolese society, avid of its own image, discloses itself, unvarnished and shameless. We follow these journalists, motivated by the desire to inform at all costs. They overcome with courage situations sometimes perilous, sometimes funny and often sad. Their recent and rapid adaptation to TV raises universal questions of independency from sponsors, of ethics facing sensationalism, and of die-hard investigative drive.