The winners of the Doc Section of the Milan Human Rights Festival 2018

For the third edition of Human Rights Festival we presented 8 documentaries selected by the president of SLDFF, Lucia Gotti Venturato and by the artistic directors Chiara Andrich and Andrea Mura, young but already successful filmmakers, graduated at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Palermo.


Invisible Frontier, by Nicolás Richat & Nico Muzi (Belgium, Argentina, 2016, 28')

MOTIVATION For the complexity of the environmental, political and social topic that includes climate change and human rights, explored through effective scientific documentation and made cinematically with a taste of informative impact without neglecting emotion.


La Terre Abandonnée by Gilles Laurent (Belgium, 2016, 73')

LA TERRE ABANDONNÉE de Gilles Laurent - Bande-Annonce ST Fr/Nl - CVB AUTEUR from CVB on Vimeo.

MOTIVATION For the way the director described the transformation of Japan, one of the most organized and technologically advanced countries, facing the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The silence, the suspense and the invisibility take the viewer into a seemingly normal dimension, which is interrupted only by a multitude of black big bags containing radioactive dirt that… will they ever find a place?

Sole Luna Art in Doc at Palermo Italian capital of culture 2018

Sole Luna Art in Doc at Palermo Italian capital of culture 2018

Showcase by Sole Luna, A bridge between cultures with the Antonio Pasqualino international puppet Museum

Art can weave the life stories of individuals, marking their path in the most unpredictable ways. Single or collective biographies of people told through their meeting with art. The showcase closes with a tribute to Jan Fabre , one of the most interesting artists on the contemporary scene.

Free entrance

March 15th, h. 18.00, MIM Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo Caravane Touareg Caravane Touareg Arnaud Zajtman, Marlène Rabaud Belgio 2016, 57’, o.v. with italian and english subtitles Trailer In 2012, hundreds of thousand Tuareg civilians flee from the North of Mali which dives into war. Through the epic of Disco, a Tuareg singer committed to peace, and followed over a period of ten years, we discover the challenges which the Tuareg face and the causes of the war in Mali. March 29th h. 18.00, MIM Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo gibellina Earthquake 68 – Gente di Gibellina Emanuele Svezia Italy, 2008, 98’ o.v. with english subtitles In 1968 an earthquake completely destroyed Gibellina, a small country town in Sicily. After 12 years in cramped shantytowns, a new town is assigned to the population: a dormitory village 20km from old Gibellina, built according to the canons of a type of Utopian urban planning that is totally unrelated to the local social reality. Earthquake 68 is the story of a community and its twin soul, of Utopian reconstruction and building speculation, the account of a collective identity that is severely tested first by nature, then by the state. It’s a very complex and controversial business, as extraordinary as it is universally paradigmatic April 5th h. 18.00, MIM Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo Housam-Abdoulghani
my-love-in-palmyra-1 My love in Palmira Housam Aboulghani Syria – Russia, 2007, 19’ o.v. with italian subtitles Every day, the little Khaldun comes to the ruins of ancient Palmyra to sell some postcards to the tourists and tells his own version of the city’s history.   baaba_acoustic Baaba maal, a voice for Africa Robin Denselow Senegal, 2007, 40’, o.v. Trailer Baaba Maal is considered the voice of Africa, crafting a distinctive sound that fuses traditional African Music with pop and reggae elements. The life and music of this influential and groundbreaking musician is explored in this documentary. “A Voice for Africa” follows Baaba Maal on a journey from his home village of Podor to a wild late night concert over the border in Mauritania including performances, interviews, and journeys through Senegal’s spectacular landscape, culture and arts. April 17th time to be determined , Cinema De Seta with l’Institut français Cantieri culturali alla Zisa, via Paolo Gili, 4 - Palermo sans image Sans image Fanny Douarche, Franck Rosier France, 2013, 76’, o.v. with italian and english subtitles Trailer Whereas repressive laws against illegals are multiplying, Matenin, a malian migrant, and two fellow countrymen, Abdoulaye and Gaye, fight in the streets and also on a theatre stage trying to elaborate their own way to resist.   May 3rd, h. 18.00, MIM Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo river of art River of Art Charlene Shih France, 2015, 59', o.v. with italian and english subtitles Trailer LIU Yu was born in the northeast of China in 1919. Today he lives in Taiwan with his daughter and they are both passionate about drawing and painting. After his wife’s death, LIU decides to undertake with his daughter a journey in space and time, through places which marked his life as a young artist. In this documentary LIU’s drawings and paintings come to life and accompany us in the journey of the artist towards his hometown, but also in the journey of his memories of a tormented past. May 17th, h. 18.00, MIM Tribute to Jan Fabre Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo Jan FabreJan Fabre. Beyond the artist Giulio Boato France – Belgio, 2014, 52’, o.v. with italian subtitles Trailer Jan Fabre, born in 1958, lives and works in Antwerp. Many works have been published on his oeuvre as a visual artist, stage director, choreographer, set designer, performer, but never a documentary was produced on his polyvalent figure. The documentary is based on the interviews to Jan Fabre, Georges Banu (theatre critic), Vincent Baudriller (ex co-director of Festival d’Avignon), Jan Dekeyser (architect of Fabre’s theatre/atelier) and Rudolf Rach (Fabre’s editor in France). The images of 12 shows, 5 exhibitions and many drawings, models and sculptures move behind the words of the interviewees, drawing up the lines of the portrait of one of the most controversial artist of the last 3 decades. June 1st, h. 18.00, MIM Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo among spiritualAmong Spiritual Guards Giulio Boato, Gildas le Roux 27', 2016, o.v. with italian subtitles Trailer The film traces a path through the exhibition Spiritual Guards by Jan Fabre, one of the most prolific and provocative contemporary artists of the past 30 years. The exhibition was presented in Florence in 2016: Fabre’s sculptures have been exhibited in the central square, in a fortress and in a historical palace. Supported by the words of the artist and the curators, the camera moves between the works of art integrated in the Renaissance atmosphere of the city of Dante. Some quotes of the youth diary by Fabre punctuate the film, establishing a dialogue between past and present, between art and utopia. glass and bonesGlass and Bones Giulio Boato, La Compagnie des Indes 27', 2017, o.v. with italian subtitles Trailer A dream journey to Jan Fabre's exhibition Glass and bone sculptures 1977-2017 at the 57th Venice Biennale of Art. An "angel spectator" enters a deserted abbey in the heart of Venice, where she discovers sculptures and installations made entirely of two materials: glass and bones. Through his gaze, the audience walks between death and metamorphosis, discovering the thought of one of the most influential artists of the last decades, for whom art, science and religion are intimately tied.