The winners of Sole Luna Doc FIlm Festival 2019

BEST DOCUMENTARY Island of the hungry ghosts by Gabrielle Brady Award for Best Documentary at ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GOSTS by Gabrielle Brady for the high artistic level of all the cinematographic elements in this film that highlights, through the crisis of a social worker, the hypocrisy of a society that ecologically protects with great commitment the seasonal migration of millions of crabs and at the same time segregates desperate human beings without residence permits. TRAILER
BEST SHORT DOC Born in Gambia by Natxo Leuza Fernandez Simple, deep telling a lot about the place and the people, very well done cinematically artistically by using the human honest voices and sounds mixed with a sincitive photos and music. Well done! TRAILER BORN IN GAMBIA - Official Trailer from Galapan Productions on Vimeo.
SOUNDRIVEMOTION AWARD - BEST SOUNDTRACK Dark waters by Stéphanie Regnier The voices of nature talk with the images, restoring an idea of cinema capable of crossing the threshold of the visible and exploring in this way the mystery of the world.   TEASER
  BEST EDITING Stronger than a bullet by Maryam Ebrahimi For the ability to mix, in an organic, powerful and functional way, different types of materials, making the spectator travel through the time and life of the protagonist. TRAILER
BEST PHOTOGRAPHY Beloved by Yasser Talebi Beloved is a beautiful example of how the imagery and visual treatment becomes a character in the journey of the story itself. The jury found the relationship between the character and the camera to be particularly moving that spoke to the narrative of both isolation, strength and beauty. Congratulations to the team! TRAILER
BEST DIRECTION Congo Lucha by Marlène Rabaud We decided to give the director Marlene Rabuad because she gave s stage to a very important movement of people who seek for their freedom and dignity, people who endangered their lives and paid a very high price their own lives and future she decided to be in the front of their non violent struggle and faught against the dictator kabila and the injustice. We found the film honest and brave and telling the spirite of a great desire to freedom and justice. TRAILER
SPECIAL MENTION TO THE BEST SHORT DOC Light, shade, life di Shahriar Pourseyedian The jury unanimously awarded a Special Mention to LIGHT, SHADE, LIFE by Shahriar Pourseyedian for the intensity, modesty and sincerity with which the director, using a direct but also original and poetic language, tells a “private” story, involving in a universal way the conscience and the indifference of the spectator towards his “neighbor”.
HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AWARD HUMAN RIGHTS SECTION Stronger than a bullet by Maryam Ebrahimi For showing that it is possible to deal with the uncomfortable past of an individual and an entire society by using a critical, lucid, never self-indulgent look, revealing the atrocious nightmare of war and its heavy legacy on present lives. The documentary also denounces the ambiguous and perverse rhetoric of regime propaganda and the persuasive force that the images have played in building the conditions of inhumanity necessary to fight a war. The viewers were skillfully accompanied on a courageous and stubborn journey, almost at the “end of the night”, into the deep corners of individual and collective memory in search of truth and a moral redemption of the protagonist. Finally, another value of the work lies in having shown once again, how all of us are manipulable, excitable, ready to transform ourselves into blind and fanatical executioners in the service of the regime that leads us into victims of its propaganda, and that few are able to go back through the history of their own reason. TRAILER
HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AWARD THE JOURNEY SECTION Beloved by Yasser Talebi Through superb photography, the work manages to capture the different landscapes and different shades of light that enhance the beauty of our planet and captures the deep humanity that emerges from the face of the protagonist. Exemplary is the skill with which the director outlines the wisdom of the character, through which you can grasp the intimate essence of the meaning of human life, made up of the fight against misfortunes and the constant ability to accept events and, with determination, continue their existence. It also moves the director’s ability to illustrate the empathic bond that can unite humanity and nature, as well as the sensitivity in knowing how to tell, with poetry and intense humanity, the life choices of the character, even in the discomfort of a condition of suffering loneliness. The film, in short, surprisingly, forces us Westerners, immersed in a world that we believe to be the best, to ask ourselves about the meaning of our daily lives and what human life and happiness really are. TRAILER
"NEW ITALIANS" JURY AWARD SHORT DOC SECTION Born in Gambia by Natxo Leuza Fernandez Born in Gambia not only tells the story of Hassan, a 14-year-old boy who lives on the street in Gambia, his country, but it is also the story of a country whose population faces social discrimination on a daily basis and the story of a society where human rights are completely absent, especially those of unaccompanied children, who are the most exposed to the risk of the worst diseases and whose rights are constantly violated ever since childhood. This short film also tells another side of this society, namely the traditional uses based on tribal beliefs which affect personal freedoms, especially those of women and girls, such as infibulation or forced marriages, which are decided by relatives without consultation and often happen between spouses with an unacceptable age difference. Some stories are almost never told but they are true and recurring stories in some countries. Born in Gambia makes us reflect on social responsibility, on the violation of the human rights that these children suffer every day, and on the difficulties they have to face in order to survive and conquer their dignity. TRAILER BORN IN GAMBIA - Official Trailer from Galapan Productions on Vimeo.
SOLE LUNA - A BRIDGE BETWEEN CULTURES AWARD Born in Gambia by Natxo Leuza Fernandez For the deep message that little Hassan conveys to us with his story: a story of suffering in a country where traditional beliefs influences his existence. Hassan represents the voice of a different possible future. TRAILER BORN IN GAMBIA - Official Trailer from Galapan Productions on Vimeo.
AUDIENCE PRIZE Island of the hungry ghosts by Gabrielle Brady TRAILER

04.07 Palermo, Conferenza stampa di presentazione del Sole Luna Festival

GIOVEDÌ 4 LUGLIO LA CONFERENZA STAMPA DI PRESENTAZIONE A PALERMO PALAZZO BRANCIFORTE | ORE 11.00 Sarà presentata il 4 luglio a Palazzo Branciforte la 14. edizione di Sole Luna Doc Film Festival, la rassegna internazionale di film documentari organizzata a Palermo dall’associazione Sole Luna- un ponte tra le culture e in programma dal 7 al 13 luglio a Santa Maria dello Spasimo. L’edizione di quest’anno si aprirà con un omaggio al regista Bernardo Bertolucci e sarà ricca di novità e di nuove collaborazioni internazionali presentando una proposta di oltre 50 film documentari di cui 24 in concorso tra lungometraggi e cortometraggi e 20 anteprime. Tutte le novità saranno illustrate dai direttori artistici Chiara Andrich e Andrea Mura, dalla presidente Lucia Gotti Venturato e dal direttore scientifico Gabriella D’Agostino giovedì 4 luglio, ore 11.00, a Palazzo Branciforte. Interverranno: Raffaele Bonsignore, Presidente Fondazione Sicilia, Fabrizio Micari, Rettore dell’Università degli Studi di Palermo, Alessandro Rais, Direttore Sicilia Film Commission, Adham Darawsha, Assessore alle Culture e alla Partecipazione democratica del Comune di Palermo. Nel pomeriggio sempre a Palazzo Branciforte, alle 18.30, il Festival sarà anticipato da una rassegna dedicata al Premio Internazionale Carlo Scarpa per il Giardino in collaborazione con l’Università degli Studi di Palermo e la Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, con la proiezione di quattro documentari dedicati ai luoghi premiati nel 2015, 2016, 2018 e 2019, per la regia di Davide Gambino.