Cinema dal basso

The associations Zabbara and La Bandita present their cinema projects, FunKino – Cinema for Inclusion, Melting Doc and ABCinema.  Three films, Jabal – La montagna, L’amour n’a pas de frontières, Nei nostri sogni, made in labs lead by cinema specialists with the support of expert educators and social animators. Young asylum seekers, teenagers and children from different geographical and social backgrounds were involved. The referents of the projects, directors, educators and experts in social planning, tell how the process of conceiving a film subject is born, how the production of an audiovisual product develops from below and what methods are adopted within the film laboratories. The result is the creation of stories and visions that are realistic and oneiric, nostalgic and imaginative. The meeting will be attended by the young participants of the laboratories, protagonists of the entire creative process.

Cortile Steri
Presentation of the projects
intervengono / with Mimmo Cuticchio, Alessio Genovese, Daniele Saguto, Muhammed Jammeh, Cecilia Arena, Simona Malato, Lorella Libeccio, Virginia Nardelli, Danny Biancardi, Marta Violante. 
modera/ moderators: Chiara Andrich, Andrea Mura

Jabal – La montagna

regia/director Alessio Genovese
fotografia/photography Eugenio De Rosa
montaggio/editing Alessio Genovese
produzione/production Zabbara, in collaborazione con UNHCR (EYIF 2019) e Centro Diaconale La Noce – Istituto Valdese di Palermo
Italia, 2020, 18′, italiano / Italian

Tired of living in the community in which she grew up, among the indifference of her elders and the hostility of her companions, Giusy decides to cut the ties that gripped her there venturing alone into the streets of a grey and aggressive Palermo. Her courage pushes her to aid an old and errant poet who will disappear in the belly of a mountain at dusk, anyway. Giusy will find a new path.

L’amour n’a pas de frontières

regia collettiva / collective direction
Kelly Amenaghauon, Gianluca Gueci, Ismail Traore, Precious Gideon, Amadou Barry, Souleymana Ba, Moussa Koulibaly Balla, Idrissa Saedou, Ibrahim Kalissa
fotografia collettiva /collective photography
montaggio / editing
Lorella Libeccio, Virginia Nardelli
produzione / production
Sprar Palermo, Zalab, La bandita
Italy, 2019, 43′ fula, italiano, inglese, francese

Moussa, Soulaymana and Amadou are three Guinean young friends that arrived in Palermo two years ago; their friendship makes up for the distance from their family and helps them to manage this new reality in which everything seems hard to them. Precious has found his new family in the person of Gianluca, his basketball buddy; together they talk about their first loves and open to each other in a way they have never been able to do with anyone else. Kelly and Ismael are still projected into their past relationships that are pervading their thoughts and preventing the creation of new bonds here, in Italy. L’amour n’a pas de frontière is a journey into the Palermo of the migrants, which is described through the transversal topic of love intended as research, homesickness, complicity, and absence.

Nei nostri sogni

regia collettiva /collective direction
fotografia /photography Danny Biancardi, Virginia Nardelli
montaggio /editing Danny Biancardi, Lorella Libeccio, Virginia Nardelli
produzione /production Miur – Cinema scuola Lab, Gonzaga Palermo, La Bandita
Italia, 2021, 19’, italiano / Italian

«Dear viewer, do not expect childish dreams or happy worlds in our movie», with these words a plural voice introduces the film. An escape into the woods, a hypnotic bunker, a swirling staircase, a leap into the unknown. Some guys are stuck in their nightmares, in a landscape of loneliness, disorientation and resignation. From a nightmare to another, like in a spiral game, finally they will find a way to come together in a redeeming world where reality and dreamlike merge together and everything achieves a balance: the ideal place in which building together a safe shelter. But, what if reality’s just another dream?