30.04-18.06.2020 – 15DOC Sole Luna Doc Film Festival winners collection

15DOC Sole Luna Doc Film Festival winners collection

Online showcase of the Sole Luna Doc Film Festival winner films

This year Sole Luna Doc Film Festival will celebrate fifteen years of activity, an important goal which deserves to be worthily celebrated, to thank the audience who has been following us and has been growing year after year, more and more watchful and demanding. We were going to schedule several events that would accompany us to the 15th edition inauguration, from the 6th to the 12th July, 2020, at Santa Maria dello Spasimo. Things went differently, but we wanted to stay with you the way this suspended time that we are all experiencing allowed us to do. Bring the Doc home, a project for which the directors and the producers involved generously gave their approval, has made, on our website, a selection of documentaries from our archives available for free, and thousands of people have really appreciated our proposal.

The showcase we are proposing today, 15 DOC, is about the prizewinning movies of the 14 Festival editions, from 2006 to 2009, which were awarded by our international juries, different for each edition. It is a privileged opportunity to reread our recent history, with its own contradictions but also its poetry and policies, so as to seek to understand what it has been done and what is left to do. It is our homage to our audience, whom we hope to embrace soon again; it is our contribution and our thanks to the sense of responsibility showed by everyone in these days that we would never have imagined we would experience, which makes us hope – reasonably – that “after” will never be the same again. This is the testimony of our commitment for the creation of a more fair and human society.

The showcase will be held online from the 30th April to the 18th June; the documentaries will be streamed on demand for free from the festival’s website every Tuesday and Thursday, according to the following calendar. Enjoy!

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2006 Edition | 26 October – 1 November, Loggiato di San Bartolomeo, Santa Maria dello Spasimo
Since you left, Mohamed Bakri, Palestine – Israel, 2005, 58’

2007 Edition | 22-29 July, Santa Maria dello Spasimo
Behind that snowy hill, Ramtin Lavafipour, Iran, 2007, 25’

2008 Edition | 20-25 July, Santa Maria dello Spasimo
Isti’mariyah – Controvento tra Napoli e Baghdad, Michelangelo Severgnini, Italy, 2006, 75’

2009 Edition | 6-12 July, GAM – Complesso monumentale Sant’Anna
A summer not to forget, Carol Mansour, Lebanon, 2007, 27’

2010 Edition | 18-25 luglio, GAM – Complesso monumentale Sant’Anna
Paths of memory, Jose Luis Peñafuerte, Belgium, Spain, 2009, 91’

2011 Edition | 4-10 July, Complesso monumentale Steri
Left by the ship, Emma Rossi Landi, Alberto Vendemmiati, Italy, 2010, 80’

2012 Edition | 6-13 July, Complesso monumentale Steri
Letters from the desert, Michela Occhipinti, Italy, 2010, 88’

2013 Edition | 16-22 September, GAM – Complesso monumentale Sant’Anna
La última estación, Catalina Vergara, Cristian Soto, Chile 2012, 90’

2014 Edition | 22-26 June, Cantieri culturali alla Zisa
Kosma, Sonja Blagojevi, Serbia 2013, 75’

2015 Edition | 6-12 July, GAM – Complesso monumentale Sant’Anna
Those who said no, Nima Sarvestani, Sweden, Iran, 2015, 89’

2016 Edition | 20-26 June, Cantieri culturali alla Zisa
A Walnut Tree, Ammar Aziz, Pakistan 2015, 81’

2017 Edition | 3-9 July, Santa Maria dello Spasimo
Prisons Sisters, Nima Sarvestani, Iran 2016, 90’

2018 Edition | 2-8 July, Santa Maria dello Spasimo
Strike a Rock, Aliki Saragas, South Africa, 2017, 84’

2019 Edition | 7-13 July, Santa Maria dello Spasimo
Island of hungry ghosts, Gabrielle Brady, 2018, 94’


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