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a walnutSynopsis:

An old man looks back on his life. With sadness he tells his grandson about his native homeland. He describes green hills where there was much merriment and music. Now the man lives in a makeshift tent in a refugee camp in Pakistan where residents wouldn’t survive without aid from the UN. The man explains how he lives like an animal, like a nomad in limbo. He longs for a country that no longer exists: back in his homeland, blissful pastimes like reciting poetry are forbidden and friends and family left years ago. In poems he reads aloud, he expresses his displeasure. Everyday scenes that include peeling potatoes and the laughter of his grandchildren emphasize his melancholy. The old man stands still while the world around him keeps turning. Time and again, the question arises as to whether he’ll risk a return to his motherland.



Food For Thought…

The documentary highlights the struggles faced by many refugees. It shows their struggles of homesickness yet they are unable to do anything as they have been forced to flee. Most of their homeland, friends and relatives are no longer present due to the violence and bombings. Their homes along with their roots are destroyed. The documentary is a poignant tale that taps into something universal: the pain of being uprooted.

The ending is incredibly heart breaking and it has left me wondering what happened to Baba.

Don’t forget to share the documentary with your friends and family! We need to raise awareness, untie and continue to #establishties.

#Establishties #Elgoogo

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