Ambiente Doc

La conquista de las ruinas

Regia/Director Eduardo Gómez
Fotografia/Photography Eduardo Gómez
Montaggio/Editing Damián Tetelbaum
Produzione/Production Pensilvania Films, Rodante Films
Argentina-Bolivia 2020, 88’ spagnolo con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Spanish with English and Italian subtitles

Destroy to create. “The conquest of the ruins” links stories and situations that revolve around the exploitation of land for the construction of cities, the chaotic advance of the modern city, and the memory and preservation of archeological remains that survived the passage of time. Nothing remains the same, everything is transformed.
The documentary exposes the dark side behind the urban expansion, and thus allows us to follow different pathways in the maze of the construction industry. It constitutes a mosaic of realities that is simultaneously troubling yet emotional, and which aims at reflecting on the complexity of spaces and limits, both products of the city’s continuous expansion.

The great green wall

Regia/Direction Jared P. Scott
Fotografia/Photography Timothy Cragg
Montaggio/Editing Pilar Rico
Produzione/Production Make Waves
in associazione con / in association with The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification
Regno Unito, 2019, 91′ v.o. con sottotitoli in italiano ed inglese / o.v. with Italian and English subtitles

Executive Producer Fernando Meirelles and Malian musician Inna Modja lead us into an epic journey along Africa’s Great Green Wall, the ambitious idea to grow a wall of trees, which extends for the entire continent to combat drought, desertification and climate change.

Utopia revisited

Regia/Direction Kurt Langbein
Fotografia/Photography Christian Roth aac
Montaggio/Editing Alexandra Wedenig aea
Produzione/Production Langbein & Parters
Germania, 2018, 55′ v.o. con sottotitoli in italiano ed inglese / O.V. with Italian and English subtitles

The market economy has brought prosperity to developed countries – at the expense of other continents, by emphasizing increasing cases of inequality. Apart from capitalism, is there anywhere an ideal model of society? As for the protagonists of four projects making up “Utopia Revisited” it seems that way, leading us to possible promises of solidarity: to lead an honest life and to preserve nature are the right “rewards” for sharing and cooperation. Their stories are supplemented by expert opinions on a wider context, providing valuable insights into the economic importance of cooperation and moderate economic development rather than unlimited growth process.