The partnership between Sole Luna Doc Film Festival and Animaphix International Animated Film Festival is consolidated with this edition through new activities: the Bagheria (Palermo) animation festival in fact, in addition to offering the audience of Palermo a showcase of short films, will involve the young ones in Cine Kids with dedicated screenings and interactive workshops. It will be a space dedicated to the encounter between cinema and children (+3). A series of short films curated by the students of the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia – Animazione of Turin and made ad hoc for the children’s public.

Animation and music take us through the prairies and woods
of a pristine valley populated by different and unknown living
species, creatures dreamed in a curious universe on the border
between day and night. The film, inspired by characters and
atmospheres of Japanese fairy tales, tells the eternal miracle of
birth in an imaginary eco-system.


Valerio Terranova, Giuliano Poretti, Silvia Zappalà, Omar Bianco
Italia 2008, 3’34

Kyoto: An old Zen monk, lost in the beauty of the monastery garden, is busy scraping the sand. But an obstinate kitten wants to have a pee in it: the serenity of the place, the patience of the monk, the perfection of the drawing in the sand are all threatened.



Tora Chan
Davide Como, Claudia Cutrì, Stefano Echise, Valerio Gori
Italia 2009, 4’40


Adele has to face her first day of a new school. She is shy and during playtime she sits by herself watching the others playing football. But her shadow is not nearly as shy as she is, and is desperate to join in with the others…




Loredana Erbetta, Manuela Gualtieri,
Irene Piccinato
Italia 2011, 2’30


Young Livio can’t stand being too close to other people and lives in a bubble which gives him 46 cm of safety. He works as a supermarket
security officer and one day, in the store, notices a sweet girl – Gaia –
on the Cctv cameras. Something profound changes in Livio’s life,
who tries clumsily to confront the change. The bubble is probably not the solution to his problems.


46 cm
Teresa Bandini, Claudia Casapieri, Paolo De Murtas, Giada Strinati
Italia 2011, 7’04


Where do children hide before they come into the world? A
4-year-old child and his friends are looking for an answer, a little
seriously, a little for fun. The film is based on the imaginative
hypotheses advanced by the children of a nursery school in the
San Salvario district of Turin.



Dove ti nascondi
Victoria Musci, Nadia Abate, Francesco Forti
Italia 2013, 5’57


The electrostatic misfortunes of a loving square-headed boy.





Francesco Alliaud, Pietro Ciccotti, Michele Monti, Harald Pizzinini, Francesca Taurino
Italia 2005, 7’04


An abandoned object such as a washing machine door
can unexpectedly trigger the memory and rekindle the creative
imagination of childhood. The film follows the memory of Philippe,
a child who knew how to turn a laundromat into a wonderful



Oblò, amazing laudrette
Martina Carosso, Ilaria Giacometti, Mathieu Narduzzi, Eura Pancaldi
Italia 2014, 6’35


A 7-year-old boy argues with his mother, runs away in his room and
his anger grows until he appears in the form of a huge, fascinating
monster. Sullen follows “his” monster and together the two
unleash themselves into a furious game of destruction. But things
soon turn bad.



Monster Mom
Cristian Guerreschi, Gaia Satya Matteucci, Alessandra Rosso, Giorgio Siravo, Saul Chedid Toresan
Italia 2012, 6’50


Creator of sublime pastries and cakes, the Maître Patissier, suffers
from an acute nevrosis: he loves his work profoundly but hates the
greedy and vulgar clients who crowd his smart shop and stuff
themselves with his masterpieces. Until, one day, a kindly soul shows
him she’s really able to savour his work.



Il pasticcere
Alberto Antinori, Adolfo di Molfetta, Giulia Landi, Eugenio Laviola
Italia 2010, 6’35


The decalogue of ethical sport.
The film was born for the project “Ethics and Sport” of the
Piemonte Region to communicate to adolescents the values of
sport with the free language of  animation.





Andiamo a segno
Alessandra Rosso, Cristian Guerreschi, Giorgio Siravo, Simone Rosset, Gaia Satya Matteucci, Emma Vasile, Saul Chedid Toresan, Alice Corsini
Italia 2010, 4′
produzione, scuola / production company, school Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Scuola Nazionale di Cinema Sede del Piemonte Dipartimento Animazione

Cine Kids | laboratori

laboratorio di animazione e stop motion per bambini 5-10 anni / animation and stop motion workshop for children 5-10 years old
con / with Giuseppe Cacciola, Selene Cannizzaro

Under the guidance of professors Giuseppe Cacciola and Selene Cannizzaro, a group of primary and secondary school children, “young cinephiles”, will be able to compete in the realization of what today fascinates them most: video games. Some videogames of the past will be reconstructed by hand, using plasticine and recycled material, and which, with the help of teachers, will be animated through the technique “step one”, also called frame by frame or stopmotion.


laboratorio di animazione per bambini 5-10 anni / animation workshop for children 5-10 years old
con / with Silvia De Luca

The teacher Silvia De Luca will talk about the representation of the body with children, and will do so from a narrative and figurative point of view using games. The aim is to foster the child’s knowledge and awareness, promote visual creativity and learn how to use images to create a self-representation. Using the collage technique of images, photos, cut-out letters and drawings, children will be free to express themselves and compare their artistic creations.

Animaphix Shorts

A subjective camera view and a fixed frame alternate on a waltz
played by an accordion triggering a short story that evokes the passing
of time.



78 tours
Georges Schwizgebel
Svizzera 1985, 4’


One Monday morning, a girl gets ready for school. In the ghetto neighbourhood where she lives, violence and tragedy are part of everyday life.


An ordinary blue Monday
Naomi Van Niekerk
Sud Africa 2016, 4′



Through his passions that link him to his childhood, a young man manages to accept the unavoidable human condition’s rules. In this way, he escapes the physical and mental alienation of the fascist dictatorship and gains absolute freedom.

Michele Bernardi
Italia 2018, 10′


In the countryside around Rimini, two ingenuous thugs try to rob  couple of elderly farmers. The latter, tired of being swindled, decide to seek revenge and conceive a diabolical, very effective plan.

Briganti senza leggenda
Gianluigi Toccafondo,  Italia-Francia 2012, 15′