Stefano Zardini

S Zardini 7-220x300Unpublished images of thousand year old trees that are silent witnesses of the events, the history and everything that has happened until today. They are almost forgotten protagonists, like a library that nobody knows.

The screen withening technique is a process made to isolate the tree from the landscape that always comes out as the main protagonist in every common photo of Sicily. My technical intervention it’s a clear (and new) choice to focus the attention only to the protagonists.

Olive trees, carrubba trees, and many other species grow along the Mediterranean coasts, from  ex-Yugoslavia’s area to Morocco’s, and this has been happening for millenniums!

This subject will be introduced during my discussion and i think that it perfectly fits to the Festival theme.




Anna Cutrone

A CutroneThe long permanence in different Islamic countries gave to the the author the chance to carry on a research that had already started in some African realities. The study is about the daily life of some populations that are usually considered “different” by our western point of view, just because of their cultures, their religion, their habits and customs.

Yemen, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Giordania, Pakistan, Morocco, Lybia and their human and natural elements, such as the markets and the “madrasa”, have been the subject of the research. These countries and the experience of living there, gave to Anna Cutrone the possibility to find what she was looking for.