Fatih Akin

Germany, Turkey, 2006, 90′, Turkish, German, Kurdish and English with English subtitles

The story of the composer Alexander Hacke, a member of the German avangard music, retracing the journey he made in Turkey to write the soundtrack of ‘Turkish Bride ‘. The emotions, the sounds, the colors of a metropolis which don’t marks the border but the meeting of East and West. It starts from the neopsychedelic group of Baba Zula in Beyoglu area, to then switch to the black music with the Turkish rap, to the hip hop, the street music and the breakbeat, to the lament of the Kurdish tradition with two modern dance dervishes, the Whirling Dervishes. But the real protagonist is the sound of the city which – made by music, horn, sirens, birds, voices – guide the viewer to discover the heartbeat of Istanbul.