Yariv Mozer
Dani Gershon
Vika Shor
Israel, 2009, 62’ Hebrew, Arabic, English with English subtitles

Following the military operation in Gaza and despite resistance from left and right, this is the first time Israel is sending for the Eurovision a Jewish-Arab duo: Noa & Mira Awad. Noa is considered the most famous Israeli singer in the world today, she is taking advantage to make a political statement. She asks to be allowed to perform in the Eurovision Song Contest with Arab singer Mira Awad. This was to be the climax of an ongoing five-year musical relationship between Noa and Mira, representing their common wish for coexistence between their two nations. Shadowed by the 2009 Gaza war and despite opposition from the political left wing, they set out on a journey climaxing at the Moscow contest in May. A film from the Middle East, with a different sound.