Emilio D'Alessandro-Stanley KubrickDirection: Alex Infascelli
Photography: Edoardo Carlo Bolli, Luigi “Gigi” Martinucci
Editing: Alex Infascelli
Production: Kinethica, Lock And Valentine
Italy, 2015, 78’ Italian and English, with Italian subtitles

“S is For Stanley” is the story of Emilio D’Alessandro, personal driver of Stanley Kubrick. D’Alessandro met Kubrick in London by chance in 1971, who wanted him as his driver and with who he developed a bond of deep friendship crowned in 1999 with a series of tributes that the filmmaker gave him in his last film, “Eyes Wide Shut”: D’Alessandro made a cameo appearance, Stanley Kubrick gave his name to the bar where Tom Cruise goes, he “employed” his wife and his daughter Marisa as background actors. A friendship that has spanned thirty years of life, that has created meticulously four masterpieces of cinema history and united two people, apparently opposed to each other who have found, far from home, their ideal travel companion.