The winners of Sole Luna Doc FIlm Festival 2019

BEST DOCUMENTARY Island of the hungry ghosts by Gabrielle Brady Award for Best Documentary at ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GOSTS by Gabrielle Brady for the high artistic level of all the cinematographic elements in this film that highlights, through the crisis of a social worker, the hypocrisy of a society that ecologically protects with great commitment the seasonal migration of millions of crabs and at the same time segregates desperate human beings without residence permits. TRAILER
BEST SHORT DOC Born in Gambia by Natxo Leuza Fernandez Simple, deep telling a lot about the place and the people, very well done cinematically artistically by using the human honest voices and sounds mixed with a sincitive photos and music. Well done! TRAILER BORN IN GAMBIA - Official Trailer from Galapan Productions on Vimeo.
SOUNDRIVEMOTION AWARD - BEST SOUNDTRACK Dark waters by Stéphanie Regnier The voices of nature talk with the images, restoring an idea of cinema capable of crossing the threshold of the visible and exploring in this way the mystery of the world.   TEASER
  BEST EDITING Stronger than a bullet by Maryam Ebrahimi For the ability to mix, in an organic, powerful and functional way, different types of materials, making the spectator travel through the time and life of the protagonist. TRAILER
BEST PHOTOGRAPHY Beloved by Yasser Talebi Beloved is a beautiful example of how the imagery and visual treatment becomes a character in the journey of the story itself. The jury found the relationship between the character and the camera to be particularly moving that spoke to the narrative of both isolation, strength and beauty. Congratulations to the team! TRAILER
BEST DIRECTION Congo Lucha by Marlène Rabaud We decided to give the director Marlene Rabuad because she gave s stage to a very important movement of people who seek for their freedom and dignity, people who endangered their lives and paid a very high price their own lives and future she decided to be in the front of their non violent struggle and faught against the dictator kabila and the injustice. We found the film honest and brave and telling the spirite of a great desire to freedom and justice. TRAILER
SPECIAL MENTION TO THE BEST SHORT DOC Light, shade, life di Shahriar Pourseyedian The jury unanimously awarded a Special Mention to LIGHT, SHADE, LIFE by Shahriar Pourseyedian for the intensity, modesty and sincerity with which the director, using a direct but also original and poetic language, tells a “private” story, involving in a universal way the conscience and the indifference of the spectator towards his “neighbor”.
HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AWARD HUMAN RIGHTS SECTION Stronger than a bullet by Maryam Ebrahimi For showing that it is possible to deal with the uncomfortable past of an individual and an entire society by using a critical, lucid, never self-indulgent look, revealing the atrocious nightmare of war and its heavy legacy on present lives. The documentary also denounces the ambiguous and perverse rhetoric of regime propaganda and the persuasive force that the images have played in building the conditions of inhumanity necessary to fight a war. The viewers were skillfully accompanied on a courageous and stubborn journey, almost at the “end of the night”, into the deep corners of individual and collective memory in search of truth and a moral redemption of the protagonist. Finally, another value of the work lies in having shown once again, how all of us are manipulable, excitable, ready to transform ourselves into blind and fanatical executioners in the service of the regime that leads us into victims of its propaganda, and that few are able to go back through the history of their own reason. TRAILER
HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AWARD THE JOURNEY SECTION Beloved by Yasser Talebi Through superb photography, the work manages to capture the different landscapes and different shades of light that enhance the beauty of our planet and captures the deep humanity that emerges from the face of the protagonist. Exemplary is the skill with which the director outlines the wisdom of the character, through which you can grasp the intimate essence of the meaning of human life, made up of the fight against misfortunes and the constant ability to accept events and, with determination, continue their existence. It also moves the director’s ability to illustrate the empathic bond that can unite humanity and nature, as well as the sensitivity in knowing how to tell, with poetry and intense humanity, the life choices of the character, even in the discomfort of a condition of suffering loneliness. The film, in short, surprisingly, forces us Westerners, immersed in a world that we believe to be the best, to ask ourselves about the meaning of our daily lives and what human life and happiness really are. TRAILER
"NEW ITALIANS" JURY AWARD SHORT DOC SECTION Born in Gambia by Natxo Leuza Fernandez Born in Gambia not only tells the story of Hassan, a 14-year-old boy who lives on the street in Gambia, his country, but it is also the story of a country whose population faces social discrimination on a daily basis and the story of a society where human rights are completely absent, especially those of unaccompanied children, who are the most exposed to the risk of the worst diseases and whose rights are constantly violated ever since childhood. This short film also tells another side of this society, namely the traditional uses based on tribal beliefs which affect personal freedoms, especially those of women and girls, such as infibulation or forced marriages, which are decided by relatives without consultation and often happen between spouses with an unacceptable age difference. Some stories are almost never told but they are true and recurring stories in some countries. Born in Gambia makes us reflect on social responsibility, on the violation of the human rights that these children suffer every day, and on the difficulties they have to face in order to survive and conquer their dignity. TRAILER BORN IN GAMBIA - Official Trailer from Galapan Productions on Vimeo.
SOLE LUNA - A BRIDGE BETWEEN CULTURES AWARD Born in Gambia by Natxo Leuza Fernandez For the deep message that little Hassan conveys to us with his story: a story of suffering in a country where traditional beliefs influences his existence. Hassan represents the voice of a different possible future. TRAILER BORN IN GAMBIA - Official Trailer from Galapan Productions on Vimeo.
AUDIENCE PRIZE Island of the hungry ghosts by Gabrielle Brady TRAILER

04.07 Palermo, Conferenza stampa di presentazione del Sole Luna Festival

GIOVEDÌ 4 LUGLIO LA CONFERENZA STAMPA DI PRESENTAZIONE A PALERMO PALAZZO BRANCIFORTE | ORE 11.00 Sarà presentata il 4 luglio a Palazzo Branciforte la 14. edizione di Sole Luna Doc Film Festival, la rassegna internazionale di film documentari organizzata a Palermo dall’associazione Sole Luna- un ponte tra le culture e in programma dal 7 al 13 luglio a Santa Maria dello Spasimo. L’edizione di quest’anno si aprirà con un omaggio al regista Bernardo Bertolucci e sarà ricca di novità e di nuove collaborazioni internazionali presentando una proposta di oltre 50 film documentari di cui 24 in concorso tra lungometraggi e cortometraggi e 20 anteprime. Tutte le novità saranno illustrate dai direttori artistici Chiara Andrich e Andrea Mura, dalla presidente Lucia Gotti Venturato e dal direttore scientifico Gabriella D’Agostino giovedì 4 luglio, ore 11.00, a Palazzo Branciforte. Interverranno: Raffaele Bonsignore, Presidente Fondazione Sicilia, Fabrizio Micari, Rettore dell’Università degli Studi di Palermo, Alessandro Rais, Direttore Sicilia Film Commission, Adham Darawsha, Assessore alle Culture e alla Partecipazione democratica del Comune di Palermo. Nel pomeriggio sempre a Palazzo Branciforte, alle 18.30, il Festival sarà anticipato da una rassegna dedicata al Premio Internazionale Carlo Scarpa per il Giardino in collaborazione con l’Università degli Studi di Palermo e la Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, con la proiezione di quattro documentari dedicati ai luoghi premiati nel 2015, 2016, 2018 e 2019, per la regia di Davide Gambino.      

04.07 Palermo, Pre festival and Premio Internazionale Carlo Scarpa per il Giardino

Sole Luna pre festival | Premio Internazionale Carlo Scarpa per il Giardino incontro e proiezione / meeting and screening in collaborazione con / in cooperation with Università degli Studi di Palermo, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche intervengono / with Marco Tamaro, direttore della Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche; Giuseppe Barbera, Università di Palermo, membro del Comitato scientifico della Fondazione; Davide Gambino, regista; Gabriele Gismondi, filmmaker The International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens is one of the main research activities of the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche in the field of landscape. It is a campaign of studies and care for a site which is particularly rich in natural, historical and creative values. The main purpose is to enhance and propagate the culture of “stewardship of the landscape” and “care of places”. Each year the Scientific Committee selects a place to "reward", placing it at the centre of activities aimed at its knowledge, preservation and enhancement: a collective volume; an exhibition; a collection of publications, maps and images; a communication campaign; seminars and conferences; a public ceremony, with the delivery of a symbolic recognition to the person who represents the place. Since 2014, a documentary has also been produced, that tells the place through cinematographic narration. For the places designated in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019, the direction of the film has been entrusted to Davide Gambino.
Maredolce-La Favara, Palermo Documentary film produced by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche dedicated to the place designated by the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens2019.       Documentary film 16:9 HD / col. / stereo sound 2015, 34’ Directed by Davide Gambino Documentary film produced by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche as part of the 2015 International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens, coordinated by Patrizia Boschiero, head of the publications department of the Foundation, and Luigi Latini, chair of the Foundation’s Scientific Committee, with the collaboration of Giuseppe Barbera, University of Palermo, Foundation’s Scientific Committee. Screenplay, direction and editing: Davide Gambino Cinematographer: Bruno Bonafede Music: Pietro Palazzo Sound: Francesco De Marco Production coordinator: Patrizia Boschiero for Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche Scientific consultants: Giuseppe Barbera / Luigi Latini for Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche
Diary from a study trip to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan produced by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, dedicated to the study trip on the occasion of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens 2016 awarded to The Wild Apple Forests of the Tien Shan.     Trip Diary 16:9 HD / col. / stereo sound 2016, 34’ Directed by Davide Gambino. Camerawork and voice-over: Davide Gambino. Original music by Pino Petraccia e Stefano Taglietti. A journey through the geographical, historical and cultural area of the Silk Road running through the heart of Central Asia, among the forests of wild apple trees that populate the ridges of the Tien Shan mountain range on the border between Kazakhstan, China and Kyrgyzstan and the Uzbek valleys leading to Samarkand. Filmed in the regions of Almaty, Tashkent and Samarkand, in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, in the midst of apples, animals and remote places, this video-diary is divided into six chapters corresponding to the main stages of the study trip taken by the Foundation’s Scientific Committee through “Places and landscapes in the regions of Almaty and Tashkent”, between 30th August and 7th September 2015. In addition to these places, the story features members of the scientific committee of the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche who, coordinated by Patrizia Boschiero and Luigi Latini, are engaged in observing and analysing of the various contexts visited to identify the place to be designated for the study campaign of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens 2016. The study trip offered the opportunity to carry out scientific research in the field and participate in meetings and discoveries that may provide further occasions for new research and unpublished in-depth studies, contained in the monographic volume dedicated to the prize-winning place, The wild apple forests of the Tien Shan. The International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens 2016, XXVII edition, edited by Giuseppe Barbera, Patrizia Boschiero, Luigi Latini, with Catherine Peix, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche-Antiga, Treviso 2016 (172 pages, 185 illustrations in colour and 79 black and white, ISBN 978-88-97784-95-1, English edition ISBN 978-88-99657-06-2). Documentary film produced by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche as part of the 2016 International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens, coordinated by Patrizia Boschiero, head of the publications department of the Foundation, and Luigi Latini, chair of the Foundation’s Scientific Committee, with the collaboration of Giuseppe Barbera, University of Palermo, Foundation’s Scientific Committee.
Céide Fields Documentary filmproduced by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche dedicated to the place designated by the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens 2018. Directed by Davide Gambinoin collaboration with Gabriele Gismondi.       Documentary film 16:9 HD / col. / stereophonic sound 2018, 48’ Céide Fields is a place evoking the origins of cultivated landscapes and a distant past long hidden from our gaze. The film uses a slow narrative allowing us to observe the apparent invisibility concealing the complex encounter between the overlapping realms of archaeology, agriculture and stock-rearing; of educational practices and of necessary tourist development; and of pressing environmental, climatic and energy concerns. On the fringes of Europe, on a site by the edge of towering cliffs in north-west Ireland, surrounded by bog land and sheep, we encounter the custodians of this landscape who are finding out more about Neolithic communities and promoting a continuous transgenerational exchange that brings together memory and rural life, past and future. Through their faces, stories and adventures, the Céide Fields emerge from the marshes and from the millenary layers of peat, and are revealed in all their marvellous complexity and beauty. Documentary film produced by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche as part of the 2018 International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens, coordinated by Patrizia Boschiero, head of the publications department of the Foundation, and Luigi Latini, chair of the Foundation’s Scientific Committee. With Gretta Byrne (Office of Public Works-OPW), Seamas Caulfield, Martin Downes; and with Susan Callaghan, Declan Caulfield, Fionnan Caulfield, Una Forde, Martin Heffernan, Frank Shalvey (OPW). Documentary study and treatment: Davide Gambino. Photography, editing, color grading and sound design: Gabriele Gismondi. Camerawork: Gabriele Gismondi and Davide Gambino. Original music: Pino Petraccia (Crisalide and Metamorfosi); arrangements of traditional Irish folk songs: Marco Felicioni (Drowsy Maggie, Scarboro Fair and She Moved Through the Fair) and Peppe Nardone (Adoration and Danny Boy). Performed by Lucia Antonacci: Irish harp; Marco Felicioni: flutes; Peppe Nardone: acoustic guitars; Pino Petraccia: ethnic percussion and kamalengoni. Additional music: Gabriele Gismondi (Juno and February) and Chris Haugen (Tumbleweed Texas). Reading of Seamus Heaney’s poem Belderg: Seamas Caulfield. Translations for subtitles: Daniela Gatto, revised by Patrizia Boschiero and Luigi Latini. Aerial shots: Aerial Stock Ireland. Drone pilot: David Perry. Executive production: Ruggero Di Maggio and Davide Gambino for Mon Amour Films srl. Support in Ireland: Marcus Stewart, Earth Horizon ltd. Production coordination: Patrizia Boschiero, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche.
The Tea Gardens of Dazhangshan Documentary film produced by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche dedicated to the place designated by the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens2019.       Documentary film 16:9 HD / col. / stereo sound 2019, 30’ Directed by Davide Gambinoin collaboration with Gabriele Gismondi. Nestling at the foot of Mount Dazhangshan, overlooked by the misty peaks of Wuyuan, are the Dazhangshan tea cultivations in the heart of China’s “golden triangle of tea”. Here tea plants and a farmers’ association have come together to shape a contemporary landscape that is capable of conveying a sense of ancient history. In a China that has resolved age-old problems like flooding, famine, and disease, the endeavour of the Dazhangshan farmers stands out as extraordinarily emblematic, projecting into the future the value of a rural environment in which humans can develop a harmonious relationship with nature. But challenges continue to emerge and China’s future sustainability remains uncertain. After thirty years of relentless economic growth, of openness to international markets, technological progress and large-scale infrastructural projects, rapid industrialization has also generated the greatest rural exodus ever experienced by humankind. As we wait for the Anthropocene to be recognized as a geological epoch distinct from the Holocene epoch in the geological timescale of our planet, it is clear that China’s vast surface area and demographic impact make it one of the key players in bringing about this new era, with its overwhelming responsibilities, risks, and challenges; ultimately, China is both a culprit and victim as well as our greatest source of hope. Documentary film produced by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche as part of the 2019 International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens, coordinated by Patrizia Boschiero, head of the publications department of the Foundation, and Luigi Latini, chair of the Foundation’s Scientific Committee, with the collaboration of Maurizio Paolillo, professor of Chinese language and literature, University of Salento. With: Hong Peng, chairman of the Jiangxi Wuyuan Dazhangshan Organic Tea Farmer Association and of the Jiangxi Wuyuan Dazhangshan Organic Food Company, Ltd.; He Xinneng, Kaoshui farm manager; He Shengyang, Kaoshui farm worker; Zhang Ping, Lijushan farm manager; Zhu Shihua, Xiaolin farm manager; Zhao Wenyin, Xiaolin farmers’ delegate; Chen Xing, professor and director of the Professional Tea Institute, Wuyuan; Cheng Yong Rui, teacher and director of the Tuochuan School, Wuyuan County. And also with: Han Feng, director of the Landscape Department, Architecture and Planning Faculty, Tongji University, Shanghai; Xi Wang, PhD student, Landscape Department, Architecture and Planning Faculty, Tongji University, Shanghai; Xiao Kunbing, anthropologist, Southwest Minzu University, Chengdu, Sichuan; Yu Yue, expert in tea culture, Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences. Script: Davide Gambino. Camerawork: Gabriele Gismondi and Davide Gambino. Photography, editing, color grading and sound design: Gabriele Gismondi. Original music by Pino Petraccia with Marco Felicioni and Peppe Nardone. Performed by: Marco Felicioni, flutes; Peppe Nardone, guitars; Pino Petraccia, ethnic percussion and kamale ngoni. Translations: Antonio Leggieri, Maurizio Paolillo, Oona Smyth, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche. Aerial shots: Cheng Linkui and Cheng Mingyuan, Jiangxi Wuyuan Dazhangshan Organic Tea Farmer Association. Drone pilot: Cheng Mingyuan, Jiangxi Wuyuan Dazhangshan Organic Tea Farmer Association. Executive production: Ruggero Di Maggio and Davide Gambino, Mon Amour Films srl. Production coordination: Patrizia Boschiero, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche. Support in China: Jiangxi Wuyuan Dazhangshan Organic Tea Farmer Association especially Hong Peng (DOTFA chairman); You Shuhai (DOTFA secretary-general); Cheng Linkui (DOTFA office staff); Zhou Yan (DOTFA coordinator); World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region, Shanghai, especially Anna-Paola Pola (WHITRAP urban planning director and research fellow), and Simone Ricca (WHITRAP deputy director).

Submissions for the 2019 Sole Luna Doc Film Festival now open


The 14th edition of Sole Luna Doc Film Festival is now open for submission. The international documentary film festival will be held in Palermo from July 1st to 7th 2019, in the suggestive setting of the monumental complex of Santa Maria dello Spasimo. The documentaries will be selected among the films from all over the world that will be submitted filling in the entry form online from November 1st 2018. Submission is free of charge and will close on March 1st 2019.

HOW TO ENTER YOUR FILM  By visiting our site you can find the rules, the entry form and all the information you need to participate in our festival. Read the rules carefully and enter your film! Click here for further information and to fill in the entry form.

Winners of Sole Luna Doc Film Festival – Treviso 2018

SOUNDRIVEMOTION AWARD Raghu Rai. An unframed portrait Regia | Director: Avani Rai Fotografia | Photography: Avani Rai Montaggio | Editing: Menno Boerema Produzione | Production: Iikka Vehkalahti India, Finlandia, Norvegia, 2017, 55′ The grammar of this film soundtrack is rigorous, poetic and sober. The stylistic choice of holding two different registers was appreciated: one to accompany the memories of the emotional relationship with the father figure, the other to describe the animus of the photographer in his creative process. The first one goes through a lively intimacy full of teachings. The second one manages to depict silence with notes and sounds. That's what you need to have in front of the world in order to become a "sensor" able to grasp its depth and beauty. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS JURY Of fathers and sons Regia | Director: Talal Derki Fotografia | Photography: Kahtan Hasson Montaggio | Editing: Anne Fabini Produzione | Production: Basis Berlin Filmproduktion Germania, Siria, Libano 2017, 98′ Of Fathers and Sons - Trailer from BASIS BERLIN on Vimeo. For the courage of the director Talal Derki to experience a difficult situation giving us the opportunity to "experience" a world away from ours, to know it beyond what the media usually show. Furthermore, the documentary is more generally a reflection on the relationship between fathers and children and on how the family and socio-cultural context can influence the kids. JURY INTERACTIONS AWARD Terraform  Regia | Director: Sil Van Der Woerd, Jorik Dozy Fotografia | Photography: Nicolas Chin Montaggio | Editing: Sil Van Der Woerd, Jorik Dozy Produzione | Production: New Frontier Pictures Regno Unito, Indonesia, Olanda e Singapore, 2017, 5′ The jury "Interactions" has decided to award a prize to the short film "Terraform" because it transmits a positive message on the importance of the family to face the struggle and difficulties of life. In the film, the father bears the weight of a very hard work in the sulfur mine because he doesn't want to see his wife and his daughter crying and suffering. This makes us aware that love is the most important feeling to support men. In addition, the jury appreciated the music of the film that thrilled us and made us think about the people we love. We liked the part where the father carries the weight of sulfur but he thinks he is carrying his daughter on his shoulders. This father is a positive example because he accepts the hard work and the smoke of the volcano to provide his family a good life. Watching this film we became aware that in some parts of the world work is still very dangerous and there is no security for those people. PREMIO RUBINO RUBINI Happy Today Fotografia | Photography: Giulio Tonincelli Montaggio | Editing: Emanuele Dainotti, Alessandro Capuzzi Produzione | Production: Filmo 2, Ombre Rosse Film Productions Italia e Francia, 2017, 17′ In un contesto di vita quasi ancestrale si sviluppa un progetto di grande ed evoluta responsabilità civile. Il premio va al regista per aver saputo trasmettere magistralmente e con la dovuta semplicità l’importanza della conoscenza per gli altri e per se stessi. Un vero inno alla natura madre e alla vita dell’uomo seguendo il motto “ama e donati con gioia”. PREMIO DEL PUBBLICO Regia | Director: Parsifal Reparato Fotografia | Photography: Parsifal Reparato Montaggio | Editing: Armando Duccio Ventriglia Produzione | Production: Nacne Italia, 2017, 52′ vietnamita e muong con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Vietnamese and Muong with Italian and English subtitles   Nimble fingers sono le dita delle operaie vietnamite che lavorano nelle fabbriche dei più importanti marchi dell’elettronica mondiale. Bay, una delle migliaia di giovani operaie migranti proviene da un remoto villaggio muong sugli altopiani del Vietnam del Nord ed è giunta alla periferia di Hanoi, in un quartiere divenuto uno dei più grandi centri di produzione mondiale. La vita delle operaie si svolge secondo le regole del grande Parco Industriale di Thang Long, un mare di giovani donne scandisce la propria vita al ritmo della produzione della grande industria. Durante la festività del Tet, di ritorno al suo villaggio d’origine, Bay si ritrova con la famiglia. Dal rientro in campagna emerge uno scollamento della vita della giovane operaia dalle proprie origini, simbolo della trasformazione di una generazione che vive il passaggio dalla campagna alla società industriale. NIMBLE FINGERS - Trailer italiano from NACNE SUTTVUESS on Vimeo.

All the winners of Sole Luna Doc Film Festival 2018

SOLE LUNA AWARDS / GIURIA INTERNAZIONALE Best Documentary Strike a Rock, Aliki Saragas STRIKE A ROCK is the extraordinary example of a “revolution” that can start not only from young people but from two grand-mothers. A powerful and inspiring fight for Justice with every means they have. They are persistent and they still keep trying, even if their life has been a series of disappointments. They don’t give up Strike A Rock - Official Trailer 2017 from Elafos Productions/Aliki Saragas on Vimeo.
Mention for best direction Boli Bana, Simon Coulibaly Gillard For the director’s ability of narrating in a dream like way, an inner territory that mixes human nature, animals, rituals and traditions. BOLI BANA - Trailer/Bande annonce from Grenade on Vimeo.
Mention for best photography MA'OHI NUI, in the heart of the ocean my country lies, Annick Ghijzelings For the fascinating landscape and the strong contrast between the beautiful images and the fluid camera movement and the dramatic content, which is the manipulation that the local population received from the French authorities that wanted to experiment the atomic bomb in that part of the Pacific Ocean. MA'OHI NUI, in the heart of the ocean my country lies - TRAILER from Centre de l'Audiovisuel à Bxl on Vimeo.
Mention for best editing (ex aequo) Sea of Sorrow - Sea of hope, Estephan Wagner, Marianne Hougen-Moraga For the ability to editing not only the images but most importantly the feelings of the characters presented in the story.   Los Ofendidos, Marcela Zamora Because it manages to use historical material in a way that brings the audience close to the events of those days. Trailer documental "Los Ofendidos" de Marcela Zamora from Kino Glaz on Vimeo.
Mention for most innovative documentary Solo for one Hand, Pavel Jurda For the variety of different cinematic elements and the original way in which the story is narrated.
Mention for best short doc Terraform, Sil Van Der Woerd, Jorik Dozy For the very simple, direct yet extremely powerful way to convey the story and emotionally connect the audience to the events that are presented. Particularly striking is the choice of a very unique perspective that widens the perception and the capacity to say so much in such a small amount of time. terraform
A BRIDGE BETWEEN CULTURES AWARD Salto, Maryam Haddadi The award for SALTO is a tribute to everyone who has had the strength and the determination to make an important and courageous complaint. – as Lucia Gotti Vetnurato motivates the award – Zahra Hosseinzadeh could have been the Pellegrini of the occidental world, but the destiny of birth has criminalized her, put her in the shadows. With this award, Sole Luna wants to build a virtual bridge of solidarity and wants to give an emphasis to the imprisonment that provokes fundamentalism of any kind.   Middle Eastern Dramatic Shorts 7:00pm Wed Mar 28 FilmFest52 At The Bethel Cinema from Thomas Carruthers on Vimeo.
SPECIAL JURY NEW ITALIANS The special Jury “New italians” for the section Short Docs of the Sole Luna Doc Film Festival 13th edition awards: One minute, Dina Naser One minute, is set in Gaza during a military operation launched by Israel as a counter action after the launch of some rockets by Hamas. The video, with the power of images and dialogues, provokes strong emotions and is able to represent the fear of the little protagonist of the uncertain and perhaps dramatic future that awaits her, making the viewer experience it. Most of the film is shot in the dark. This darkness provokes panic and disorientation with repeated intervals of silence that are broken by the shootings. Particularly important is the contrast between the external dramatic reality and the calmness with which the mother reassures her daughter and tries to protect her from the world that could upset the child's life. This is a real practice in many situations of war and conflict in which music and play are of fundamental importance to continue living and above all to prevent children from being overwhelmed by anguish and panic. Trailer - One Minute from Dina Naser on Vimeo. Terraform, Van Der Woerd, Jorik Dozy Terraform, for the strength of the images which represents the terrible work in the sulfur mines and the sacrifices of parents who try to prevent their children from the same future. Unlike the other films, the emotion and the message emerge not due to the sounds and the words but everything is left to the force of the images. This make us experience the material poverty that pushes the human being to sacrifice themselves, by putting their health at risk every day by breathing sulfur and highly toxic air, in order to make the people they care for survive. The tears and sweat of the protagonists remain attached for days together with the final scene of the protagonist's family flying in the air. terraform   Menzione speciale della giuria "Nuovi Italiani" Thr european dream: Serbia, Jaime Alekos For its capacity to tell the experience of those who have left their land out of necessity, the unjustifiable violence of men in uniform who consider other men as animals, the desperation of not being able to go neither forward or backwards, blocked in a country of Eastern Europe and see the European dream, that has led them to face unspeakable suffering and deprivation, perhaps definitively shattered. THE EUROPEAN DREAM: SERBIA (Trailer) from Jaime Alekos on Vimeo.
SPECIAL JURY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS I membri della Giuria speciale, composta da studentesse e dagli studenti del Liceo Scientifico Statale Albert Einstein di Palermo e dell’Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Santoni-Gambacorti di Pisa, decretano quale miglior documentario della sezione Human Rights della XIII edizione del Sole Luna Doc Film Festival: Sea of Sorrow, Sea of Hope, Marianne Hougen Moraga, Estephan Wagner • Because it shows clearly the complex and dramatic phenomenon of today’s migration. • For the directors’ superb ability to tell and witness the story of the protagonist, emphasizing both the socio-anthropological and political aspect of a forced migration of people seeking safety for themselves and their children, as well as the intimate, existential aspect characterized by the pain and hope of the mother-child relationship. • For the wonderful script and for the effective and clear editing through which the directors managed to create a strong empathy between the film's protagonist and the audience. • For the ability to tell the phenomenon of migration in a capturing way and with different cultural perspectives, underlining the implications for those who choose to leave and for those who welcome. The film also forces the viewers to question their role as a citizen of the global world. • For the overwhelming firmness with which the struggle of Manal to save herself and her children is presented. • For the narrative power of the message which tells the audience the risks, fears, hopes, and pain associated with the migratory phenomenon through a documentary that is as brief as it is intense. The special Jury members award the special mention to: Shootball, Fèlix Colomer • For the original narrative of the entire documentary, able to engage the viewer in a real story of investigative journalism. • For the complexity of the issues addressed, presented with a strong condemnation and respect for the stories of the victims involved. • For the director's ability to become a subject in the documentary, thereby underlining the importance of participating actively and of siding morally and politically with respect to the events of one’s own community. • For the social complaint that was brought forward in the documentary in a precise and analytical way. For the ability to give voice to all the protagonists, allowing the viewer to enter the world of those who have suffered unjustifiable sexual violence, and on the other hand the contradictory and sometimes incomprehensible world of the rapists. This makes the representation complex and chaotic as it is in reality. • For the moral strength of the director and of the father which is expressed in the choice to fight in a non-violent but determined way for the rights of the victims of pedophilia. It stresses how the past, especially in its dark areas, must be faced individually and collectively without revisionism and silence.
AUDIENCE AWARD Singing with angry birds, Hyewon Jee

Les voix de l’immigration – Showcase with the Institut français Palermo

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Les voix de l'immigration

  Sole Luna Doc Film Festival and the Institut Français of Palermo strengthen their historic collaboration with a new showcase on the documentary cinema telling stories of migration, on April 17th and 18th 2018 at the Cinema De Seta. April 17th 2018, h. 21,00 Cantieri culturali alla Zisa, via Paolo Gili, 4 – Palermo Meet the author Fanny Douarche Sans image sans image Director Fanny Douarche, Franck Rosier Photography Fanny Douarche, Franck Rosier Editing Laurent Leveneur Production Wendigo Films France, 2013, 76’, french with english and italian subtitles   Trailer Whereas repressive laws against illegals are multiplying, Matenin, a malian migrant, and two fellow countrymen, Abdoulaye and Gaye, fight in the streets and also on a theatre stage trying to elaborate their own way to resist. April 17th 2018, h. 21,00 Cantieri culturali alla Zisa, via Paolo Gili, 4 – Palermo Eurovillage eurovillage Erytréen camionnette Director François Pirot Photography François Pirot Editing Yannick & Valène Leroy Production Limited Adventures sprl Belgium 2015, 72’, French, Kurdish, Tygrinia, Wolof, Czeczen, Farsi, English with English and Italian subtitles   Trailer In the midst of the Belgian forest, Eurovillage – a former holiday resort – has been converted in 2011 in a reception center for asylum seekers. Isolated in this remote place for an unspecified period of time, the residents are waiting for a stressful answer: will they be allowed to stay in Belgium or not? How do they live through this long and strange “journey”, disconnected from real life, suspended between their past and an uncertain future?

The winners of the Doc Section of the Milan Human Rights Festival 2018

For the third edition of Human Rights Festival we presented 8 documentaries selected by the president of SLDFF, Lucia Gotti Venturato and by the artistic directors Chiara Andrich and Andrea Mura, young but already successful filmmakers, graduated at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Palermo.


Invisible Frontier, by Nicolás Richat & Nico Muzi (Belgium, Argentina, 2016, 28')

MOTIVATION For the complexity of the environmental, political and social topic that includes climate change and human rights, explored through effective scientific documentation and made cinematically with a taste of informative impact without neglecting emotion.


La Terre Abandonnée by Gilles Laurent (Belgium, 2016, 73')

LA TERRE ABANDONNÉE de Gilles Laurent - Bande-Annonce ST Fr/Nl - CVB AUTEUR from CVB on Vimeo.

MOTIVATION For the way the director described the transformation of Japan, one of the most organized and technologically advanced countries, facing the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The silence, the suspense and the invisibility take the viewer into a seemingly normal dimension, which is interrupted only by a multitude of black big bags containing radioactive dirt that… will they ever find a place?

Sole Luna Art in Doc at Palermo Italian capital of culture 2018

Sole Luna Art in Doc at Palermo Italian capital of culture 2018

Showcase by Sole Luna, A bridge between cultures with the Antonio Pasqualino international puppet Museum

Art can weave the life stories of individuals, marking their path in the most unpredictable ways. Single or collective biographies of people told through their meeting with art. The showcase closes with a tribute to Jan Fabre , one of the most interesting artists on the contemporary scene.

Free entrance

March 15th, h. 18.00, MIM Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo Caravane Touareg Caravane Touareg Arnaud Zajtman, Marlène Rabaud Belgio 2016, 57’, o.v. with italian and english subtitles Trailer In 2012, hundreds of thousand Tuareg civilians flee from the North of Mali which dives into war. Through the epic of Disco, a Tuareg singer committed to peace, and followed over a period of ten years, we discover the challenges which the Tuareg face and the causes of the war in Mali. March 29th h. 18.00, MIM Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo gibellina Earthquake 68 – Gente di Gibellina Emanuele Svezia Italy, 2008, 98’ o.v. with english subtitles In 1968 an earthquake completely destroyed Gibellina, a small country town in Sicily. After 12 years in cramped shantytowns, a new town is assigned to the population: a dormitory village 20km from old Gibellina, built according to the canons of a type of Utopian urban planning that is totally unrelated to the local social reality. Earthquake 68 is the story of a community and its twin soul, of Utopian reconstruction and building speculation, the account of a collective identity that is severely tested first by nature, then by the state. It’s a very complex and controversial business, as extraordinary as it is universally paradigmatic April 5th h. 18.00, MIM Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo Housam-Abdoulghani
my-love-in-palmyra-1 My love in Palmira Housam Aboulghani Syria – Russia, 2007, 19’ o.v. with italian subtitles Every day, the little Khaldun comes to the ruins of ancient Palmyra to sell some postcards to the tourists and tells his own version of the city’s history.   baaba_acoustic Baaba maal, a voice for Africa Robin Denselow Senegal, 2007, 40’, o.v. Trailer Baaba Maal is considered the voice of Africa, crafting a distinctive sound that fuses traditional African Music with pop and reggae elements. The life and music of this influential and groundbreaking musician is explored in this documentary. “A Voice for Africa” follows Baaba Maal on a journey from his home village of Podor to a wild late night concert over the border in Mauritania including performances, interviews, and journeys through Senegal’s spectacular landscape, culture and arts. April 17th time to be determined , Cinema De Seta with l’Institut français Cantieri culturali alla Zisa, via Paolo Gili, 4 - Palermo sans image Sans image Fanny Douarche, Franck Rosier France, 2013, 76’, o.v. with italian and english subtitles Trailer Whereas repressive laws against illegals are multiplying, Matenin, a malian migrant, and two fellow countrymen, Abdoulaye and Gaye, fight in the streets and also on a theatre stage trying to elaborate their own way to resist.   May 3rd, h. 18.00, MIM Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo river of art River of Art Charlene Shih France, 2015, 59', o.v. with italian and english subtitles Trailer LIU Yu was born in the northeast of China in 1919. Today he lives in Taiwan with his daughter and they are both passionate about drawing and painting. After his wife’s death, LIU decides to undertake with his daughter a journey in space and time, through places which marked his life as a young artist. In this documentary LIU’s drawings and paintings come to life and accompany us in the journey of the artist towards his hometown, but also in the journey of his memories of a tormented past. May 17th, h. 18.00, MIM Tribute to Jan Fabre Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo Jan FabreJan Fabre. Beyond the artist Giulio Boato France – Belgio, 2014, 52’, o.v. with italian subtitles Trailer Jan Fabre, born in 1958, lives and works in Antwerp. Many works have been published on his oeuvre as a visual artist, stage director, choreographer, set designer, performer, but never a documentary was produced on his polyvalent figure. The documentary is based on the interviews to Jan Fabre, Georges Banu (theatre critic), Vincent Baudriller (ex co-director of Festival d’Avignon), Jan Dekeyser (architect of Fabre’s theatre/atelier) and Rudolf Rach (Fabre’s editor in France). The images of 12 shows, 5 exhibitions and many drawings, models and sculptures move behind the words of the interviewees, drawing up the lines of the portrait of one of the most controversial artist of the last 3 decades. June 1st, h. 18.00, MIM Piazzetta Antonio Pasqualino, 5 - Palermo among spiritualAmong Spiritual Guards Giulio Boato, Gildas le Roux 27', 2016, o.v. with italian subtitles Trailer The film traces a path through the exhibition Spiritual Guards by Jan Fabre, one of the most prolific and provocative contemporary artists of the past 30 years. The exhibition was presented in Florence in 2016: Fabre’s sculptures have been exhibited in the central square, in a fortress and in a historical palace. Supported by the words of the artist and the curators, the camera moves between the works of art integrated in the Renaissance atmosphere of the city of Dante. Some quotes of the youth diary by Fabre punctuate the film, establishing a dialogue between past and present, between art and utopia. glass and bonesGlass and Bones Giulio Boato, La Compagnie des Indes 27', 2017, o.v. with italian subtitles Trailer A dream journey to Jan Fabre's exhibition Glass and bone sculptures 1977-2017 at the 57th Venice Biennale of Art. An "angel spectator" enters a deserted abbey in the heart of Venice, where she discovers sculptures and installations made entirely of two materials: glass and bones. Through his gaze, the audience walks between death and metamorphosis, discovering the thought of one of the most influential artists of the last decades, for whom art, science and religion are intimately tied.

Sole Luna and The Instituto Cervantes of Palermo

Cervantes 2

Film showcase "Roots and wings" by Sole Luna Doc Film Festival.

The ability to have aspirations is the hallmark of human beings, always hanging between "roots" and "wings". Daily stories of young people from different corners of the world to tell the present and build a future. Free entrance Wednesday February 21st Instituto Cervantes Palermo, h 19:00 Ex Church of Santa Eulalia dei Catalani. Via Argenteria Nuova 33 Saelkuxlejal_still2SAEL KUXLEJAL / EN BÚSQUEDA DE LA LIBERTAD* Direction: Maricela Isabel Culej Vázquez Photography: Clerecia Arcos López Editing: Maricela Isabel Culej Vázquez, Clerecia Arcos López, Madely Trujillo Production: Maricela Isabel Culej Vázquez Messico, 2013, 11’, o.v. with italian subtitles. All over Mexico, thousands of young people from indigenous or rural backgrounds have to live far from their family in order to study. Fernando Gómez Pérez is a young 19 years old who lives in San Cristóbal de La Casas, far from his parents. Lacking their support and presence, Fernando takes refuge in the world of skateboarding, searching for a family among his friends. Eventually drugs and other problems lead him to religion. Nevertheless, Fernando continues seeking a family. el comienzoSLIKEBAL / EL COMIENZO* Direction: Bernardino López Photography: Amelia Hernández, Ambrociana Pablo Editing: Bernardino López, Madely Trujillo Produzione: Cristina Vázquez Messico, 2014, 20’, Tstsil and Spanish with Italian subtitles Víctor, a 12 years old child, works through his own choice as a shoeshine boy in the central square of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, to pay for his education and support his family; he also helps by working in the field. Whilst child labor is approved of and even celebrated in rural zones – children are taught to work from a young age in the city – it is not acceptable and is disapproved of by some sectors. Víctor is in the middle of this cultural conflict: his mother, a young indigenous woman, has taught her children to become igualitarian, independent and responsible individuals. * Ambulante Más Allá (Ambulante Beyond) is a documentary production project which seeks to train new directors coming from various corners of Mexico and Central America who have limited access to the tools necessary to share their stories with the general public. Ambulante Más Allá seeks to encourage independent film production that allows marginalized communities to reclaim and strengthen their identity, defend their rights, break stereotypes, and transform negative social assumptions. Ldelibertad_webL DE LIBERTAD Direction: Javier Hernandez & Marc Guanyabens Photography: Marc Guanyabens Editing: Marc Guanyabens Production: De Los Pies A La Cabeza Spain, 2016, 11’, o.v. with english and italian subtitles. L de Libertad narrates the history of Javier Hernández, a young Aragonese boy born without arms, who wants to acquire a driving license with his toes. Sacrifice and perseverance, these are the “weapons” of our hero, who, during a hole month, fights against himself and against any social stigma to reach his goal. Wednesday February 28th Instituto Cervantes Palermo, h. 19:00 Ex Church of Santa Eulalia dei Catalani. Via Argenteria Nuova 33 yapaYARAPA A SCHOOL OF ART INTO THE RAIN FOREST OF PERU Direction: Frank Provvedi Photography: Henry Victor Rodriguez Editing: Henry Victor Rodriguez Production: Flex Prod. & La Perle Noire France/Barbados, 2009,52’ Spanish with Italian subtitles Yarapa is about a School of art called “NYI”, created in 2004 by Agustin Guzman president of the NGO Communidad Tawantinsuyu. The vision of Agustin, shaman, was to use painting, sculpture, and theatre as a therapy to help the youth of the Cocama Indians community living at the Heart of the Amazonian Forest. Indeed kids and teenagers there are facing an identity crisis. They have freedom to choose between their ancestral culture made of agriculture, fishing the spirits of the forest and the modern world represented by the exodus to the city, Lima. This project is universal and could take place in the United States, in a big city, a rich neighbourhood or a ghetto, it could occur anywhere in Europe or in Africa. But this is happening in a remote village called Puerto Miguel nearby the Yarapa river in Perù. Will Agustin’s concept have a sustainable impact? Is Art another way to educate the next generations? Shall we give greater importance to Art in the schooling to face the new challenges of globalization? Wednesday March 7th Instituto Cervantes Palermo, h. 19:00 Ex Church of Santa Eulalia dei Catalani. Via Argenteria Nuova 33 sashaSASHA Direction: Fèlix Colomer Photography: Pep Bosch Editing: Guiu Vallvé Production: ESCAC FILMS, S.L.U Spain, 2016, 54’, o.v. with english and italian subtitles. Sasha is an eight-year-old boy who lives in Ukraine with his mum and five siblings. Their everyday life is involved in misery, poverty and even further complicated by the current war in the country. Sasha leaves Ukraine in order to live during a summer with a Catalan’ family in Catalunya. What he will find out, who he will meet, how he will be affected and how he will live are questions that will arise all throughout the film.