#elogoogo project – Fellowship studio Sole Luna – Google: here is the chosen candidate

After having examined more than 70 cv and having done so many interviews with very interesting guys and girls from all over the world, the association Sole Luna, Un ponte tra le culture and Google chose the winner of this fellowship.
It was not an easy choice because all the candidates were motivated, enthusiastic and ready to go to Rome wherever they are (also from the other side of the world) to take part in this adventure that will seek a new strategy to counteract the hate speech.

The selected candidate is Rose Kumari Suman, a young Indian girl who currently resides in the UK who has studied law at Hertfordshire University, deepening digital marketing studies, leadership and management communication strategies in Singapore. A simple, positive, smart and enthusiastic of project girl with a legal and digital background that is well linked to a policy fellowship.

We Wish Rose every success in her work and Enjoy yourself!

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