Brass Youth Jazz Orchestra
direzione / direction Domenico Riina

The Brass Group Foundation promotes the Brass youth jazz Orchestra, a jazz orchestra composed of young Sicilian people aged between 17 and 35 years.
The Brass Group of Palermo is one of the major national musical realities. Founded by the Maestro Ignazio Garsia in 1974 as a group of brass instruments – from which “The Brass Group” – is the only Italian institution producing jazz music and one of the few in the world. It organizes and manages a permanent orchestral complex, called “Sicilian Jazz Orchestra”, specialized in performing contemporary music. Rachelle Ferrell, in December 2006, at the end of a concert at the Golden Theater in Palermo, said: «It was one of the sweetest, most significant and memorable moments of my life to meet, connect, share and finally play with these magnificent musicians … these experiences will always be in my heart and will be part of my being an artist». The Brass Group promotes and manages a study center with a library, newspaper library, tape library, video library, called “Brass Group Jazz Museum”, open to public use; it provides for the professional training of its artistic and technical directors and for the musical education of the community through the “Popular Music School”.