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in partnership with Animaphix International Animated Film Festival

laboratorio di animazione e stop motion per bambini 5-10 anni / animation and stop motion workshop for children 5-10 years old
con / with Giuseppe Cacciola, Selene Cannizzaro

Under the guidance of professors Giuseppe Cacciola and Selene Cannizzaro, a group of primary and secondary school children, “young cinephiles”, will be able to compete in the realization of what today fascinates them most: video games. Some videogames of the past will be reconstructed by hand, using plasticine and recycled material, and which, with the help of teachers, will be animated through the technique “step one”, also called frame by frame or stopmotion.


laboratorio di animazione per bambini 5-10 anni / animation workshop for children 5-10 years old
con / with Silvia De Luca

The teacher Silvia De Luca will talk about the representation of the body with children, and will do so from a narrative and figurative point of view using games. The aim is to foster the child’s knowledge and awareness, promote visual creativity and learn how to use images to create a self-representation. Using the collage technique of images, photos, cut-out letters and drawings, children will be free to express themselves and compare their artistic creations.