Cinema e immagini per la scuola

Incontro e presentazione / Meeting and presentation
in collaborazione con / in collaboration with Zabriskie e / and La Bandita
intervengono / with Piero Li Donni, Fabio D’Agati, Giovanni Mannara, Alessandra Traina, Gianfranco Piazza, Alice Malingri, Virginia Nardelli, Danny Biancardi, Vito Chiaramonte

In 2022 the National film education plan for schools promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education and Merit financed a large amount of projects, which were promoted by schools, or institutions and associations in the field. The aim is to develop and increase critical knowledge and a conscious use of media, as well as skills in the film and audiovisual fields referring to all phases of the industry and all types of works, and to have a sociocultural and educational impact on schools of all levels. Between Palermo and Rome, the production company Zabriskie and the association La Bandita worked together on four different participatory cinema projects, which are being presented at this festival. Four films, conceived and made through workshops conducted by cinema professionals, with the support of experienced educators and social workers. They involved young people from various educational institutions, teenagers, and children, from different backgrounds, both geographical and social. The project managers, filmmakers, educators, and experts in social planning discuss the process of conceiving a film subject, the development of an audiovisual product, and the methods adopted in participatory cinema workshops.
The result is stories of neighborhoods and suburbs, distant yet alike, stories of relationships between objects and, thus, people. The young workshop participants, the real protagonists of this creative process, will be intervening in the meeting.

Piazza del Baratto. Mercato di storie

regia collettiva / collective direction Tawiah Joseph Apedo, Eonok Awuah, Hamira Akter Hamim, Giorgio Catania, Williams Radolph Kyereh, Abigail Codjoe Koowa, Joshua Codjoe Koowa, Silvia Aurora Costa, Filippo Pietro Fiore, Vito Vittorio Foderà, Clotilde Gargagliano, Victory Iyere, Beatrice Modello, Ferdinando Pirrello, Feres Turki, Christian Owusu Sacel, Ginevra Vitale
fotografia collettiva / collective photography
montaggio / editing Danny Biancardi, Marta Violante
docenti / teachers Vito Chiaramonte, Coordinatore Didattico Scuola Secondaria di I grado / First grade Secondary School Didactic Coordinator
formatori / tutors Danny Biancardi, Ibrahima Deme, Lorella Libeccio, Virginia Nardelli, Marta Violante
produzione / production La Bandita
in collaborazione / with con Istituto Gonzaga, Centro Astalli, International School of Palermo
Italia, 2023, 27′, italiano / Italian

Piazza del baratto is a square in the center of an imaginary city, in an ideal neighborhood. Here, people meet to trade objects, hoping that they will turn their lives around. Who are these passersby? Why do they want to get rid of that one object? What will the new owner do with it? Objects, lives, past, future and many intersections form the narrative lines of this film. Sometimes, if you pay close attention, you can catch a glimpse of stories that would otherwise flow unnoticed.

PTR - mappa (1)-min

PTR. Perdere Trovare Ritrovarsi

regia collettiva / collective direction allievi della 3A e della 3C con la partecipazione delle classi 4 della scuola Primaria di Gemmellaro di Roma e del Bibliopoint Perlasca / students from classes 3A and 3C, with the participation of classes 4 of the Primary School
Gemmellaro in Rome and the Bibliopoint Perlasca
docenti / teachers Daniela Bonanni, Elisa Mennella dell’I.C. Perlasca
formatori / tutors  Benedetta Valabrega, Camilla Iannetti, Federico Savonitto, Anton Frankovitch, Alice Ortenzi, Ottone Ovidi, Noemi Fuscà
produzione / production La Bandita
in collaborazione con / with I. C. Giorgio Perlasca di Roma, Archivio Riavvolte e Liberi Nantes
Italia, 2023, 54′, italiano / Italian

How many ways are there to inhabit a place?
The intimate stories and reflections of a group of teenagers, eighthgrade students in the neighborhood of Pietralata, in Rome, become an opportunity to turn the feeling of loneliness into an experience of reappropriation of a suburb that, through their eyes, appears to be on the border between the big city and the small town, between reality and dream, to share one last adventure before they each set out on their own path of growth.

Cronache dal quartiere

regia collettiva / collective direction alunni delle classi 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2D, 3A, 3B, 3C dell’Istituto Comprensivo Giuliana Saladino e delle classi 4E, 5E, 3D, 4G, 3E del Liceo Classico Umberto I / students from classes 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2D, 3A, 3B, 3C of the Comprehensive Institute Giuliana Saladino and from classes 4E, 5E, 3D, 4G, 3E of the high school Liceo Classico Umberto I
fotografia collettiva / collective photography
montaggio / editing Manuela Di Pisa
docenti / teachers Fabio D’Agati, Vito Lo Scrudato, dirigente Scolastico del Liceo Classico Umberto I / headmaster of the high school Liceo Classico Umberto I, Stefania Sgarlata, Palmira Raia, Giusto Catania, dirigente Scolastico dell’Istituto comprensivo Giuliana Saladino / headmaster of the Comprehensive Institute Giuliana Saladino
formatori / tutors Pierfrancesco Li Donni, Alessandra Traina, Gianfranco Piazza, Matteo Di Fiore, Francesco Faraci
produzione / production Zabriskie srl
in collaborazione con / with Istituto Comprensivo Giuliana Saladino, Liceo Classico Umberto I, Amod Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico, Istituto Gramsci Siciliano, Associazione San Giovanni Apostolo
Italia, 2023, 40′, italiano / Italian

The secondary school in the Cep neighborhood is dedicated to journalist Giuliana Saladino. Building on her investigations, the students from the institute that bears her name and those from the high school Liceo Classico Umberto I, reflect on the neighborhood, discover its history, stories, and memories. A story of women and children about a present that still feels vividly the echoes of a complicated past, years later.

One time, one street

regia collettiva / collective direction alunni delle classi 4EE e 3BS dell’Istituto Professionale Pietro Piazza e alle classi 2E, 4G e 2F dell’Istituto Salvo D’Acquisto / students from classes 4EE and 3BS of the Professional Institute Pietro Piazza and from classes 2E, 4G and 2F of the Institute Salvo D’Acquisto
fotografia collettiva / collective photography
montaggio / editing Naomi Kikuchi
docenti / teachers Giovanni Mannara, Serafina Sallemi, Vito Pecoraro Dirigente scolastico dell’Istituto Pietro Piazza, Paolo Maiullari, Giada Orobello, Lucia Bonaffino
Dirigente Scolastico dell’Istituto Salvo D’Acquisto
formatori / tutors Pierfrancesco Li Donni, Alessandra Traina, Andrea Inzerillo, Marta Basso, Mario Estrada, Tiziano Locci, Alice Malingri, Gianfranco Piazza, Tito Puglielli
produzione / production Zabriskie srl
in collaborazione con /with Istituto Professionale Pietro Piazza, Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Salvo D’Acquisto, Palazzo Butera, Sudtitles srl
Italia, 2023, 35′, italiano / Italian

Near the schools Piazza and D’Acquisto, in Palermo and Bagheria, there’s a world to be told. Starting with four words, fragility, memory, history and time, students from the two schools begin a journey through their territories to discover their roots and horizons.