selezione dall’archivio di Curva Minore a cura di Valeria Cuffaro / selection from Curva Minore archive by Valeria Cuffaro
grazie a / thanks to Melqart

The Cultural Association “Curva Minore” carries out organizational activities related to all forms of art and the contemporary considering them in a multidisciplinary sense. It was founded by Lelio Giannetto (1961-2020) in Palermo in 1997, with the aim of spreading contemporary music in Sicily. The founder, who passed away prematurely, was an internationally known musician, composer, and double-bass player from the city of Palermo.
The name of the association draws inspiration from the title of a beautiful poem of Salvatore Quasimodo, a Sicilian literary author and Nobel prize-winning whose lines seem to prelude what the association realized during its first 18 years of activity: innovative thinking progression, musical research promotion, socio-cultural sharing, spread and enhancement of the local creative resources (with a special attention to young people), training of new audiences, musical culture nternationalization, artistic production and cultural exchange projects with foreign countries for the artistic and professional promotion and development of Sicilian musicians. According to its founder’s project, the Association “Curva Minore” promotes, discloses and provides current experiences of making music carrying out concertistic activities that are oriented to different directions: from academic music to the oral tradition, from practical and improvising experiences to the newest multidisciplinary languages and the audio-visual electronics. Not only it has aroused interest in an already existing audience, but also it has broadened its horizons with a new one involving the younger groups. For this purpose, it has invested didactic-pedagogical resources by means of an organic plan that comprises activities propaedeutic to the listening and to experiential and multi-sensorial activities.

performance musicale

di / by SIO (Sicilian Improvisers Orchestra)
Alessandro Librio, Domenico Sabella, Gandolfo Pagano, Marcello Cinà, Giuseppe Greco, Eva Geraci, Benedetto Basile

proiezioni / screenings
selezione di video
dall’archivio di Curva Minore
a cura di Valeria Cuffaro

Musical Notes

2012 – 50min. Vidéo, dialogue in English

Before the music there’s silence and movement. The vibration is silent and yet the movement is visible. To make a film with Barre Phillips I pretend my ears are eyes. I listen and become aware of what I can’t hear. I make a film about this. I listen to Barre, to Mary, to St Philomène where they live. I listen to the trees, plants and wind. I share a moment of Barre’s life and music. That’s the story, ears looking.

film by Keja Ho Kramer
image mouvement, ministère de la culture et de la communication
Lelio Giannetto, Curva Minore
Barre & Mary Phillips
Image et montage
Keja Ho
montage son et mix
Julien Cloquet
v.o. with Italian subtitles