#elgoogo project – 69 minutes of 86 days



On a path littered with lifejackets, in the middle of a crowd of people on the run, a 3-year-old girl slowly emerges. Full of a child’s energy and curiosity, carrying her little “Frost” backpack on her back, she takes in her surroundings between hundreds of adult trouser legs. She understands the gravity of the situation she and her family find themselves in, but filled with childlike wonder she continues her journey. For every step she takes, she emanates a longed-for feeling of hope. To Lean, it’s a step closer to her grandfather in Sweden.


Food for thought…

The story is shown through the eyes of Lean, our young protagonist. This allows the audience to identify itself with the migrants, the unwilling travellers of our time. The director shows us that Leah is a just common child with her Frozen Bag pack yet she is living a life that is anything but normal. This induces to feel personal empathy.

As always, don’t forget so share this documentary with your friends and family. Let’s unite and #establishties.

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