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‘Al Karama’ is the Arabic word for ‘dignity’. The film explores the complexities of the Arab Spring through a multimedia approach.

Note from the director:

“In March and December 2011 I travelled along the shores of the Mediterranean sea capturing on video the fall of the regimes and the aftermath in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. I wanted to understand what was happening in those squares, why people were protesting and what they wanted to achieve. It was my first time in the Arab world, and my first time doing video-journalism.
Dignity is the word I heard most often in taking short interviews and talking with the people. Dignity as an Arab, dignity as Muslims, dignity as human beings, they said”


Food for thought…

The documentary highlights the discrepancies between the big picture of the events and the reality of the people who were actually fighting in the streets for their freedom and their dignity: the ones who were suffering and struggling for the lack of opportunities, for the desire of a decent life. It shows the many structural problems faced by the country such as weak governance and unemployment.

As always, don’t forget to share this documentary with your friends and family. Let’s unite and #establishties.

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