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In a central square in Algiers, set in front of the “Sierra Maestra” cinema, recently refurbished but completely deserted, director Lamine Ammar-Khodja personally tries to talk about cinema with the people he meets: what must the movies show for viewers are they going to see them?
Through this investigation and these spontaneous dialogues, the author gives the floor to the road and to a little known Algerian reality. Cinema is soon overwhelmed by life, while trying to tell it and reinvent it in that simple act but it’s so difficult to film the word.


Food for thought…

The documentary reveals through both men and women of all ages, the reality faced by many Algerians. We see their culture and current struggles. By speaking on cinema, each individual reveals their dreams and ambitions. The cinema becomes the protagonist that reveals the daily life of these Algerians. The documentary also focuses on homelessness in Algiers. We see what homelessness can do to a family, young people who dream of going to university, having a career and owning a home.

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