#elgoogo project – Cantonese Rice


My eyes may have the Chinese slant, but I speak French, not Chinese. My Cantonese grandmother loves French cheese but not the language. We both live in Paris. Our mutual interpreter is my oft-reluctant father. And so I set out to meet other Chinese immigrants – people of different languages and backgrounds. It has allowed to me to give some sense to being deprived of my father’s mother tongue.


Food for thought…

This documentary is shows the adaptation, to France in this case, seen through the slit eyes of a star who does not speak Chinese. It is all in the form of an essay that has no lacking of humour and its great parody: how to find the country of origin through fellow immigrants. It’s a great documentary.
As always, don’t forget so share this documentary with your friends and family. Lets untie and #establishties.

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