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Surrounded by the Ardennes forest, Eurovillage, a former holiday resort, was transformed in 2011 into an “open” reception center for asylum seekers, managed by the Red Cross. Isolated in this remote center for many months (some have been there for more than 2 years), what do the 300 residents who live there, do to support this agonizing wait, this suspended and empty moment, which, for a majority of
them, will end with an “Order to Leave the Territory”? Eurovillage lifts a corner of the veil on the life of asylum seekers in Belgium.


Food for thought…

The camera captures intimacy and hopes undermined by the indefinite expectation of a decision that will change many fates.

The documentary also touches on the concept of ‘economic immigrants’ and ‘refugees’. An economic migrant is not a legal classification, but rather an umbrella term for a wide array of people that move from one country to another to advance their economic and professional prospects.

The documentary shows a discussion on recent claims that some groups who fled their country are economic immigrants and not refugees, yet they are trying to get a refugee status. This discussion is interesting as it shows that although there is a distinction between an economic immigrant and a refugee, the motivations for both groups to risk their lives in desperate attempts to reach a specific country are often very similar. However, a question raised by many in this debate is ‘who should bear the financial costs of those who are not refugees but economic immigrants?

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