#elgoogo project – Il segreto delle calze

il segreto delle calze


China seen through the eyes of Emilia and Angiolo, small business entrepreneurs from Tuscany who, after their company producing women’s stockings went bankrupt, emigrated from the small industrial district of Empoli in Italy, to Yiwu, in the People’s Republic of China.
Thanks to their knowledge of craftsmanship, from a small Italian district, they catapulted themselves into the new Chinese reality at 65 years old becoming protagonists of the world’s most booming economy. After 10 years spent in China, they have another challenge to face: find the courage to come back home.


Food for thought…

This documentary is a story of an almost ‘irrelevant’ migration. This migration is profoundly different from what we are daily faced with on newspapers: people fleeing from their countries due to issues such as war and violence. Nonetheless, the documentary shows the struggles that Emilia faces daily, ranging from loneliness to missing her family, from the language barrier to her identity. We see the way the she tries to find a way to make her identity coexist in a world that is alien to her.

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