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Nawal El Saadawi is a well-known writer, feminist and psychiatric doctor.
The documentary charts the most important stages in the life of this extraordinary woman – a woman who risked her life for her convictions more than once, a woman who never gave up her mission despite death threats from fundamentalists and unspeakable conditions at the women’s prison under President Sadat. Nawal El Saadawi’s biography encompasses more than eight decades of contemporary Egyptian history as experienced from a female perspective.


Food for thought…

The documentary contains original quotations from Nawal El Saadawi’s autobiographical works. It’s woven in the documentary to create a vivid and dramatic interplay between the past and the present. It also highlight’s Nawal El Saadawi’s striking biography, which has outlived so many social and political ruptures. The documentary indicates that it is not just a matter of one woman’s life. This is the reality of life as experienced by millions of women under masculine authority. Here is a quote that stuck with me from the documentary:

“If your husband has a bad day, he will go home and beat his wife. If he is annoyed with his children, he will go and beat his wife. Everything is blamed on women. Everything”

As always, don’t forget so share this documentary with your friends and family. Lets untie and #establishties.

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