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Violins in Wartime is a documentary feature that was shot during the second Lebanon War in 2006. It follows a group of internationally acclaimed conductors who travelled to Israel for a month long workshop for young classical musicians from around the world. It’s an annual event that takes place in Keshet Eilon, a kibbutz on the border of Lebanon. In 2006 the sound of violin concertos was suddenly muffled by the sounds of Kassam Missiles – the 2nd Lebanon war broke out… the story of music, classical art and war.

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Food for thought…
The film portrays the perseverance of a remarkable group of musicians: master artists and students, who continue teaching and practicing violin in spite of the on-going conflict. The artists struggle to keep worry at bay and thanks to the music they practice they are able to maintain their stability. The musicians are committed to keep on playing and carrying on with their music workshop no matter what is happening around them or the parent’s displeasure with their children being in a war zone country.
The film is a rare document portraying aspects of Israeli life seldom seen in the media, in which the violin becomes a symbol of abiding Jewish-Israeli resilience.

This sentence stood out to me:
“Pleasant sounds to the ear definitely give relief to the soul”
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