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we cannot go there


Palestinian refugees have been living in Syria since they had been forced to flee Palestine in 1948. As the Syrian crisis intensifies, they alongside the Syrians have become affected by the war. Their story, however, is more complex. By fleeing Syria and seeking refuge in Lebanon they are becoming a special category of refugees: they are refugees twice over. As Palestinians, they are not entirely welcome in Lebanon. As refugees, their travel documents are not recognised. As Palestinians, this is the second time they lose everything and find themselves once more homeless and stateless. This documentary tells the story of those twice-over refugees. A story, where memories were awakened between one exodus and the other, and where loss invades all things striking the very self. A story, where the causes and consequences are known, but not the closure. A story, where lives are continuously being rebuilt and improvised awaiting their return.


Food for thought…

This documentary questions notions such as identity and home for people whose existence revolves around a feeling of constant loss. The director portrays the struggles faced by the Palestinian refugees and their search for identity and a sense of belonging where they do not feel at ease or at home. The documentary shows the dreams, yearnings and the political fights of Palestinians.

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