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destination de dieu

During the harvesting season of tomatoes, thousands of people looking for a job flow into the fields of Capitanata, in the north of Puglia, finding shelter in inhabited country cottages or in shacks made of wood and cardboard. Most of them are Africans. Many of them come from the north of Italy where many companies are closing because of the economic crisis, others are refugees who left Libya in 2011 and passed through Lampedusa experiencing the Italian reception system. “Destination de dieu” is a participatory documentary, an inclusive and collaborative process that engaged the community in designing its own story. The film was shot inside an Italian slum called “Le Grand Ghetto”, the black city of Puglia.


Food for thought…

The documentary sheds light to the terrible work and living conditions faced by individuals, which include refugees from Africa. It’s a short but powerful documentary that must be watched.

“We’re not treated like people any more”

As always, don’t forget so share this documentary with your friends and family. Let’s unite and #establishties.

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