Establishing ties

«What does taming mean?».
«It means to establish ties». The famous dialogue between the Little Prince and the fox from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book is one of the festival’s mottos, and it represents the idea that the festival is also a place for meetings and connections. During the eighteenth edition, we will host meetings, presentations and screenings that will enrich the festival’s program.
The aim is to turn the physical and temporal space of the festival into a catalyst for connections, an echo chamber for local initiatives that can find within the program of the Sole Luna Doc Film Festival, an opportunity for visibility, comparison, and relationship between apparently distant worlds, but which can discover themselves to be close. We will host cinema education projects aimed at young students from very different backgrounds; workshops that will turn adults and children into artists and will take them to discover the colorful world that surrounds us, including plants, migrants, as much as human beings; and, finally, a showcase of short films whose authors are users and operators of mental health services.
In this sense, we hope that the partnerships and collaborations presented in this sections will only be the beginning and the public “debut” of new connections that we hope will have a long life, within and beyond the festival.