Ayyoub-Mohammed-SaïdVISIONI (DI)VISIONI
Mostra fotografica | Photographic exhibition
3-9 luglio | July h 10.00 – 24.00

4 luglio | July h 19.00
Presentazione del progetto | Presentation of the project


On October 22nd, 2016 hundreds of photographers took to the streets on the length and breadth of the Mediterranean simultaneously documenting 12 themes in 12 hours in order to commonly immortalize a day in the life of seven cities: beyond Palermo, whose leg was organized by the ENZIMA association, also Beirut, Naples, Algiers, Marseille, Amman and Ljubljana. Professional and amateur photographers took part in documenting the places and communities in which they live in, contributing to the construction of a collective archive, which has become a resource of meeting and confrontation thanks to the creativity of the photographic language. The ENZIMA association, in occasion of the Sole Luna Doc Film Festival, presents a selection of images which may provide food for thought to whoever is eager to slightly decentre his\her vantage point, starting with pictures originated from different social realities of the Mediterranean to reflect about the anthropologically-relevant meaning of “representation” of everyday life.

Installazione | Installation
3-9 luglio | July h 10.00 – 24.00



Gianluca Costantini, activist and illustrator, guest at the Human Rights Festival,  through his drawings narrated the encounters, people and films at the festival held in Milan from May 2nd to 7th,  2017. For the second consecutive year, the association Sole Luna – Un ponte tra le culture has been a partner of the Human Rights Festival in Milan with the selection of 19 documentaries in the DOC section and 3 films for the EDU section. The sketches of the 19 documentaries presented are set up in the aisle of the Church of Spasimo.

3-7 luglio | July h 10.00 – 18.00

7 luglio | July h 20.45
Incontro con i partecipanti e proiezione video |Meeting the workshop attendants and video screening


As part of the programming of the Sole Luna Doc Film Festival, the association Zabbara in collaboration with the Association Sole Luna – Un ponte tra le culture presents the documentary film workshop held by the director Alessio Genovese. The workshop is open to documentary lovers and filmmakers and aims to create some video documentaries to be shot in Palermo area. The workshop results will be screened during the festival.



Don Chisciotte: sogni di giustizia
6 luglio | July h 19.00
Presentazione del progetto | Presentation of the project


The “Classics on the streets” project was born in Palermo in 2013. It has involved a network of schools, the University and associations of Palermo committed to promote the knowledge of classical texts through the theater, organizing events in the streets and squares of historic districts such as Ballarò and Borgo Vecchio, places with a high rate of immigration, social disadvantage and early school leaving. This project, now in its third edition, envisages to study literature at the gym studio, sewing clothes, fixing lights and plants, painting panels, rewriting the texts, representing them on stage. It is not just to promote “directly” the ancient works, but, above all, to trigger or develop, through the subversive and condemnation force of a classic text or its staging, the reflection on the great subject of violence, exclusion, conflict. In 2015 the project was also actualized at the Ucciardone prison, thanks to the collaboration of the Asvope Palermo (Penitentiary Volunteer Association). The first two years were dedicated to two great classics of the Greek literature, Homer and Aesop, now narrated in an exciting book just released, Actors of their Future. Notes on a theater experience in jail.

Crossroads – ancora una volta il cinema si trova ad un bivio
7 luglio | July h 16.00
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Cantieri culturali alla Zisa


7 luglio | July h 18.00
Incontro con | Talk with con Itastra, Garante dell’Infanzia e dell’Adolescenza, CIPIA Palermo 1, Centro Astalli, Coop. Libera…mente, Mediterraneo Antirazzista, con un intervento dei rappresentanti del network Welcome Refugees Italia e di testimoni dell’esperienza in famiglia. A conclusione una performance a cura di Arte Migrante.

Every year thousands of young people, adults, children, almost always escaping from horrible situations, land at the port of Palermo. Part of these new Europeans stay in town for months, for years, maybe forever. What inclusion paths does the city can offer? What are the support networks in the area that help the newcomers? What are the experiences that have consolidated over the years and what innovative practices are emerging in recent months? These are the questions that will be answered at the meeting with institutional, civil society and association representatives who have been engaged for years in inclusion paths and rights defence.


8 luglio | July h 19.00
Incontro con | Meeting with Rete Pa Working, ARCI Palermo, Orto Capovolto, PUSH, PYC&Giosef

“Italy’s Youth Capital” is the prestigious recognition that is awarded annually by the National Youth Forum to an Italian city that will be able to show its life and its programme of initiatives aimed at younger generations. The primary aim of the initiative is to promote innovative ideas and projects, with the purpose of providing young people with a prominent role within society. Too often, there is the tendency to transfer the responsibilities of the sadly known phenomenon of “brain drain” to the country’s economic and political wrongness.

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