Food for Life – Showcase in collaboration with Consorzio di Tutela della Doc Prosecco

Meet, screenings, wine and food tastings. On 12, 14 e 16th September, Palazzo dei Trecento

Food for Life is a showcase conceived in collaboration with the Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC, main sponsor of Sole Luna Doc Film Festival since its first edition in Treviso in 2014. For this third year we propose a series of three events dedicated to the topic of taste, food and environment in its various facets. Each event will be characterized by a panel with food industry experts, by a tasting offered by local producers, with the support of Ecor NaturaSì, and by the screening of three valuable and important documentaries.

  • 12th September h 6 p.m. > In vino veritas: meet with Prof. Michele Antonio Fino, Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche, and screening of Rupi del vino by Ermanno Olmi
  • 14th September h 6 p.m. > Oriente/Occidente: meet with Marco Sabellico, journalist in Gambero Rosso, and screening of Jiro e l’arte del sushi by David Gelb
  • 16 September h 6 p.m. > Bio verso il futuro: meet with Fabio Brescacin, president of Ecor NaturaSì, and screening of God save the green by Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi

Every film has been chosen both for its stylistic qualities and to stimulate reflection on the issues covered: the heroic viticulture, the return to earth and the culinary contaminations between East and West.

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La strada degli scrittori – In cooperation with Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

Presentation of the project and screenings. Tuesday 13th September h 9.45 p.m, TRA | Ca’ dei Ricchi

The Road of the writers is a journey in Sicily that invites to find out the places lived and loved by the writers and those described in the novels, in contact with the faces and different personalities widely detailed in pages and pages of literature and theatre, that have thrilled and formed generations. Four short films will be screened:

  • Lo sguardo Del Principe -La Donnafugata del Gattopardo by Davide Gambino
  • Paesaggio pirandelliano – I luoghi dell’anima di Luigi Pirandello by Federico Savonitto, Ruben Monterosso
  • Racalmuto, isola nell’isola by Dario Guarneri
  • Andrea Calogero Camilleri by Federico Savonitto, Ruben Monterosso

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Tribute to Tobia Scarpa – In cooperation with Stingers

Presentation of the book and screening. Saturday 17th September h 6.30 p.m, Palazzo dei Trecento

In this edition Sole Luna Doc Film Festival dedicates a heartfelt tribute to Tobia Scarpa, architect and designer, who has supported us since the very first edition of the Treviso festival as a guest and as a juror, and who has designed for us the Sole Luna Award sculpture. We pay him tribute by presenting the book by Elisa Pajer and Elena Brigi entitled Tobia Scarpa. The secret soul of things and screening the documentary by Elia Romanelli which has the same title of the book.

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Dove vanno le nuvole by Massimo Ferrari

Presentation of the project and screening. Monday 12th September h 9 p.m, Palazzo dei Trecento

From Treviso to Riace, passing through Bologna and Padua, with Where the clouds go the director Massimo Ferrari wants to tell the stories and the experiences of those who had the courage to try to transform fear into opportunities and utopia into reality. A documentary film which is a journey through Italy and Migrants Emergency: amazing models of coexistence, of humanity on the move. One of the chapters is dedicated to the group of six refugees hosted at the Calò family in Treviso. It is the first case in Italy and this experience has become a laboratory for new forms of widespread welcome in the family.


 Inner me by Antonio Spanò

Presentation of the project and screening. Thursday 15th September h 8.30 p.m, TRA | Ca’ dei Ricchi

Entirely self-financed through a campaign on kickstarter, the Inner Me project was born following the meeting of the director Antonio Spanò with the deaf community of Butembo during his previous work Silent Chaos. The stories of Immaculée, Sylvie and Stuka are stories of every day life, of daily toil and struggle against injustice and oppression. But in their condition of being the very last among the others, these women tell, also and above all, the stubborn desire to recapture the uncertain threads of their fate every morning.

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La sedia di cartone by Marco Zuin

Screening. Saturday 17th September h 8.30, TRA | Ca’ dei Ricchi

Aid is any tool of specialized production used by disabled people to alleviate their disability. Jeoffrey is an African child who is unable to move independently and who needs specialist equipment. How can it be ensured in a rural town of Kenya where they lack basic services? The cardboard chair answers this question with a unique experience in the world: for Jeoffrey, as well as for other children, aids are built using simple materials such as recycled cardboard.

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Uccellacci! 10 anni di Becchi Gialli – In coooperation with Treviso Comic Book Festival

Screening. Thursday 15th September h 9.15 p.m, TRA | Ca’ dei Ricchi

The work of young cartoonists, like that of young artists, is often precarious, intermittent, flexible. Our main character is a young actress, author and director of her own shows. She succeeded after a long search, to realize a socially committed work whose subject is the biography of a young Italian independent publishing house dedicated exclusively to comics of reality. Two weeks before the debut our young actress collides with the producers and with the organizers of the culture industry.



Workshop with Andrea Segre – In cooperation with Zeta Group

Workshop of documentary film with director Andrea Segre. Deadline: 5th September 2016.

As part of the programming of Sole Luna Treviso Doc Film Festival, Zeta Group in collaboration with the association Sole Luna – Un ponte tra le culture presents the documentary film workshop held by the director Andrea Segre. The workshop is open to documentary filmmakers and film lovers and aims to create some video documentaries to be shot in the sorroundings of Treviso. The workshop results will be shown during the festival.

 Info:   in[email protected] / e [email protected]


Come un uomo sulla terra by Dagmawy Yimer and Andrea Segre

Screening. Monday 12th September h 10.30 p.m, TRA | Ca’ dei Ricchi

The direct voice of Ethiopian migrants on the brutal ways in which Libya, on behalf of and with the funding coming from Italy and Europe, is controlling migration flows from Africa. Dag was studying Law in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Due to the strong political repression in his country he has decided to emigrate. Like a man on earth is a journey of pain and dignity, through which Dagmawi Yimer manages to give voice to the almost impossible memory of human suffering, for which Italy and Europe have responsibilities that can’t be hidden much longer.


 Ri-Scatti. Fotografi senza fissa dimora – In coooperation with TRA Treviso Ricerca Arte

Photographic exhibition curated by Chiara Oggioni Tiepolo, 8- 18 September, TRA | Ca’ dei Ricchi

Fifteen homeless people attended a course taught by two professional photographers for two months, Gianmarco Maraviglia and Aldo Soligno, coordinated by Federica Balestrieri and by the association Terza Settimana. They have learned the technique, but not the subjects. They were asked to tell of life, as they see it. The result is an exhibition, an extraordinary kaleidoscope of images where poverty never takes over. You can feel its lumbering presence; but the narrative voice speaks of hope, of beauty, of a domineering instinct towards the future: of redemption, indeed.

Per info:  [email protected] /



Mississippi to Sahara by Faris Amine

Concert. Sunday 18th September h 10 p.m, Piazza dei Signori

On this album, Faris brings 12 rural Delta blues songs back home to Africa, revisiting them in the guitar style known as Assouf and showing how close the souls of these two worlds are to each other. Faris is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Born of a Touareg mother and an Italian father, he grew up in a musical environment, lived in several countries and was influenced by many musical styles. After years of collaborations and touring with Tartit, Terakaft and Tinariwen, he released his debut album Mississippi To Sahara in 2015. The record was critically acclaimed.

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Visioni Mediterranee by Rosetta Messori

Photographic exhibition. 11-18 September, Palazzo dei Trecento

Rosetta Messori is a singular photographer, whose images testify to a strong narrative tension and, at the same time, an overwhelming pictorial vocation. Her images are the result of long exposure and a particular movement of the camera while shooting, in order to “dematerialize” the real with the aim of creating new forms generated from the contact with light. Messori’s photographs have the poetry of a narrative and the formal elegance of a painting. The attraction exerted on the artist by ancient civilizations and cultures such as the Egyptian, Assyrian or Babylonian one, by primordial places of the deserts in which the nature explodes in a jubilation of shapes and gleams, creates in her mind the need to “find a balance between light and colour, shape and speed, where the time turns on itself and everything seems to penetrate.”

Per info: [email protected]

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