Rosetta Messori is a singular photographer, whose images testify to a strong narrative tension and, at the same time, an overwhelming pictorial vocation. Her images are the result of long exposures and a particular movement of the camera while shooting, in order to “dematerialize” the real with the aim of creating new forms generated from the contact with light. Messori’s photographs have the poetry of a narrative and the formal elegance of a painting. The attraction exerted on the artist by ancient civilizations and cultures such as the Egyptian, Assyrian or Babylonian one, by primordial places of the deserts in which the nature explodes in a jubilation of shapes and gleams, creates in her mind the need to “find a balance between light and colour, shape and speed, where the time turns on itself and everything seems to penetrate.”

Rosetta Messori, Visioni Mediterranee. Luce Sagoma Velocità, Skira Catalogue, 2010.

Games in the Shadow of the Wall 3