PRE FESTIVAL 8.09.2017 TRA, Ca’ dei Ricchi

El mostro_2I corti di Veneto Film Network

La sedia di cartone di/by Marco Zuin; L’intruso  di/by Filippo Meneghetti ; Anna di/by Diego Scano, Luca Zambolin ; Scorciatoie di/by Corrado Ceron, El Mostro – La coraggiosa storia di Gabriele Bortolozzo di/by Lucio Schiavon, Salvatore Restivo


EVENTS 11-17.09.2017

AlanFrom Milan to Treviso: Gianluca Costantini’s drawings
Installazione / Installation

Gianluca Costantini, activist and illustrator, guest at the Human Rights Festival,  through his drawings narrated the encounters, people and films at the festival held in Milan from May 2nd to 7th,  2017. For the second consecutive year, the association Sole Luna – Un ponte tra le culture has been a partner of the Human Rights Festival in Milan with the selection of 19 documentaries in the DOC section and 3 films for the EDU section. The sketches of the 19 documentaries presented were set up in the aisle of the Church of Spasimo in Palermo and now in Treviso at Palazzo dei Trecento.

1Chronicles from the 20s – Take a walk on the young side
Regia | Director Tommaso Valente

New generations belong to everyone and preserving them is everyone’s duty! Chronicles from the 20s is a cross media project gathering only interviews of people in their twenties: we have got emotions, hopes, points of view and tales of a generation which have been seeing epoch-making events running at frenetic speed. A generation about which everyone speaks but no one wants to bet on.

copertina_copertinarioChinamen – Un secolo di cinesi a Milano
Presentazione del documentario e della graphic novel / Screening of the documentary and presentation of the graphic novel

In collaborazione con | In collaboration with Edizioni Becco Giallo, TCBF – Treviso Comic Book Festival
Autori: Ciaj Rocchi, Matteo Demonte

Chinamen is an animated documentary that retrace 100 years of Chinese immigration and integration stories in Italy: from first merchants arrived for the universal exposition of Milan in 1906 to the shy migration’s flow in 1926, from the birth of the Chinese community in Milano and Bologna to the difficulties faced by the Chinese people who were prisoned in concentration camps in Abruzzo e Calabria during the Fascism, until the extraordinary stories of great businessmen of the 60s and ’70s.

IMG_3794Il documentario nella realta’ virtuale
Presentazione del progetto/Presentation of the project
A cura di / Curated by Uqido

How can we fully understand what people forced to escape from their land because
of the war feel? How can we revive the drama of illegal immigration? The most modern technologies allow us, through Virtual Reality, to identify ourselves in the protagonists of these stories. Virtual Reality as a means to create empathy. This is the vision of Uqido, a Padua softwarehouse, which thanks to this new technology aims to deliver strong, clear, and impact messages in order to spread awareness and broaden the boundaries of our understanding. The Festival Sole Luna in collaboration with Uqido will give you the opportunity
to experience Virtual Reality and discover how new technologies help to tackle social issues, new forms of empathy to improve the context in which we live.

IMG_3683Treviso. Il Luogo e la sua Musica
Passeggiata musicale/ Musical Walk
A cura di / Curated by Musica in Valigia  Accompagnatore/ Guide Paola Gallo

Historical and musical walk from the medieval Treviso, passing through the 13th century with Dante, touching the nineteenth century with the treditional theatre and coming up to the twentieth century with the Bailo Museum. An urban trek where music becomes the protagonist thanks to the historical value of the places that are emphasized in their precious artistic characters.