The City of Treviso jury will award the Sole Luna Award prize to the best film of the two sections in competition: The Journey and Human Rights.

marsont bnEditor in chief of the Tribuna di Treviso. In the Veneto newspapers of the Espresso Group since its inception in 1978, after starting the journalistic activity at the Messaggero Veneto in the period of the earthquake. In addition to the Treviso Tribune, he was editor in chief of the Mattino di Padova and Nuova Venezia. He is also a vice-director of the Tribuna di Treviso. From 2003 to 2010 he was the director of Alto Adige-Trentino and Corriere delle Alpi. He has also worked from the headquarters of the Agl in Rome as a manager of the national pages of the local newspapers of the Group Expresseo, today Gedi.


GA BortoliniItalian reporter, photographer and filmmaker. Her body of work includes films, documentaries, photoreportages and writing. Following graduation in Economics and a master in Marketing & Communication at ESCI-Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, she started working as a reporter and during three years she travelled around the world. After spending two years in Brazil and Argentina, she moved to London. That is when she became interested in visual storytelling. Her background in journalism paired up with her experience in photography brought her to documentary filmmaking. Her works are focused on intercultural dialogue, art, lifestyle and travel.


gianni rasera bnAfter a professional career dedicated to CISL until 1979 and to Italian Farmers Confederation, he creates the onlus I Care – Idee con l’Africa whose seat is in Treviso that promotes various development cooperation projects in Africa (Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Mali, Ethiopia, Morocco) and develops initiatives to promote the associations of the Migrants Community residing in Treviso and initiatives to fight the social and economic marginality.
He is member of the Veneto Regional Immigration Council and of the Regional Development Cooperation Committee.
Since May 2017 he has been president of the Board of Directors of the Linea Infinita Foundation – La Tenda, headquartered in Treviso, the only facility which takes care of AIDS patients in the Province of Treviso.

The jury will award the “SOUNDRIVEMOTION” prize to the best soundtrack, among the documentaries in competition. The president of the jury is Giovanni Schievano.

Giovanni SchievanoComposer
Specialist Certificate in Composition and Orchestration for Film and TV at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he studied the techniques with the Hollywood composer Joan Kraemer. It has added to an intense live activity in rock, blues and fusion bands, a study of the sounds, their properties and their effects on humans. Founder of Soundrivemotion, brand created for the production of music, communication and cinema.


Maria RoveranActress and musician
She plays as protagonist in Piccola Patria by Alessandro Rossetto and writes and performs three pieces of the soundtrack. She plays with Emir Kusturica, Ksenja Rappoport and Adriano Giannini in the movie La Foresta di Ghiaccio by Claudio Noce and writes and performs a musical piece.
Protagonist in 2015 of the movie Questi giorni by Giuseppe Piccioni, in 2016 interprets Polly in The Threepenny Opera by Bertold Brecht, directed by Damiano MIchieletto, in the Streheler theatre of Milano. Lately at theatre directed by Mario Martone in Dantons Tod and than by Paola Rota in Muttersprache Mameloschn. In the musical field, after her first album AlleProfondeOriginiDelleRugheProfonde, she continues to write songs and in these months she is still recording her new disc together with the composer Joe Schievano.


RICKY BIZZARRO 2017 (1)Musician, Author and Writer
Musician, author, writer, founder and leader of the rock band Radiofiera with which he published 7 albums and made more than 1000 concerts in Italy, Europe and Cuba. Columnist for the newspaper la Tribuna di Treviso. Events promoter. Public personality in the cultural debate of his city. In his discography stand out: Piòva (Condulmer Studio / Divinazione Terzo millennio) 1994, Allarme (Sony Columbia / Noys) 1997, La Casa di Alice ( Freecom / Self) 2002, El Miracoeo cd (Divinazione Terzo Millennio / Self) 2006, Atinpùri ( Psicolabel/ Self) 2011, Chi toca more! ( Psicolabel/ Self) 2013, 17.000.000 ( Limited edition).


Pio x Students 2The Music Department of the Collegio Vescovile Pio X involves in its activities more than 150 students from the institutes of the College and also from outside schools. The Department’s formative proposal is addressed both from to the babyhood to university students. The Department’s courses are divided into Classical, Jazz and RockPop with skilled teachers who also carry on an artistic career.
The Music Department of the Collegio Vescovile Pio X works together with English certified institutions for international certification exams both for Classical, Jazz and Rock courses.
In the Department students apart from individual and group lessons about instrument and theory, have the opportunity to attend orchestra’s exercises, choir experience and chamber music, in addiction to the jazz music.

A jury composed of the beneficiaries of the Protection for Asylum Seekers and Refugees Sistem SPRAR promoted by Treviso Municipality, as leader of a local municipalities network – Casier, Casale sul Sile, Carbonera, Mogliano Veneto, Silea, Ponzano Veneto, Maserada sul Piave, Monastier di Treviso and Preganziol – within a consistent project of widespread reception and of local integration’s paths, shared with the realities of associationism and of the third area on the territory.
The members who assign the Interaction Prize are thirteen. Together with the operators of Cooperativa La Esse and Una Casa per l’uomo cooperative, who realized this S.P.R.A.R, and with some members of the Rete Territoriale, the project’s beneficiaries shared the vision of the short films in competition, taking part in the reflection about some themes, proposed by the Festival, that concern them closely.

Giuria ScuolaThe School Jury, composed of students and teachers of “Mazzotti”, of the High School “L. Da Vinci ” and of the Art School of Treviso.
The jury, coordinated by the teachers Raffaela Mulato and Paola Brunetta, will value the best documentary of the The Journey section.
The jury is composed of:
MAZZOTTI School: Frezza Alice, Pinto Veira Karine, Sall Fatou, Slongo Marta, Taoufik Miriam, Vernier Leonardo
DA VINCI School: Pravato Emily, Scramoncin Lisa, Tramontini Riccardo
LICEO ARTISTICO School: Rosato Greta, Vettorello Sara, Zanchettin Marta
PALLADIO School: Manzan Francesco, Serranò Maria Celeste, Zanatta Francesco
MAZZOTTI School: Calliari Elisabetta, Magnano Francesca, Ruffin Elena, Zuccarello Rossella
DA VINCI School: Bellin Paola, Ruffin Valentina, Zoppelli Barbara
LICEO ARTISTICO School:Marchesini Guido
PALLADIO School: Antonini Dario, Bernardi Monica, Borrotti Nicola, Bruseghin Gaia, De Roia Giovanni, Zanet Stefano