Jury Città di Treviso Award
Best documentary section Human rights
Dove vanno le nuvole by Massimo Ferrari

In 72 minutes of stories and testimony about migrations all the fears, stereotypes and exploitations are erased starting from Treviso and all the way down, from the North to the South of Italy. This movie has a strong educational message that helps to reconsider the beliefs of a scared society who is experiencing a worrying surge of racism and xenophobia.

Special mention section Human rights
Blaxploitalian. 100 years of blackness in Italian Cinema by Fred Kuwornu

An original message presented by a wise directing, a thorough search of black artists and actors, who have been the main characters of Italian cinema, theater and television since the ‘20s. This is a denunciation that shows without rancour the strong effort to eliminate the stereotypes about black people.

Jury Città di Treviso Award
Best documentary The journey
Il segreto delle calze by Nicola Contini

A complex human story represented with lightness and irony. The main female character conquers China with stringency and humanity, using her job as value and universal language in order to redeem her life.

Special mention section The journey
Ama – San di Claudia Varejão

Through this movie the viewer discovers a faraway world, a pre-modern Japan that is described with an extraordinary perspective, thanks to its photography and rhythm. It’s a poetic portrait of a millennial tradition that had already inspired artists and authors in the past. A tradition that is kept alive thanks to the Ama-San (the women of the sea), main characters of this fascinating story.

Rubino Rubini Award
Vuelo nocturno by Nicholas Herzog

For the bond between Rubino and the cinema of the historical and narrative real, for the bond between Rubino and Argentina, for the bond between Rubino and the Little Prince, for the deep bond that Rubino created between Sole Luna and Saint-Exupery family. “Vuelo Nocturno” by Nicolas Herzog is a valuable and refined document, a cultured and stylish story that would have touched the soul of our dear friend Rubino.

Soundrivemotion Award
Best soundtrack
The black sheep by Antonio Martino

In “The Black Sheep” music enriches and develops the emotions aroused by images. The music, completely in line with the topic, reflects not only the main character’s feelings, but also the anxiety and astonishment of the audience, that is thrown into an almost unknown world. Sounds from reality that underline, inform, touch and than turn into a music. A music that expands and then disappears, emphasising the great silences. This is the alchemy that should always distinguish a good soundtrack: a combination of both music and images that are perceived as one.

The Black Sheep Trailer | di Antonio Martino from BoFilm on Vimeo.

School jury Award
See you in Chechnya by Alexander Kvatashidze

The very personal approach of the author is interesting because he digs throughout his experience on the role of war reporter and on his deepest motivations, which are even more powerful than his will  to cling to life. The documentary maintains a strong narrative tension towards an unended search for meaning through the meticulous editing of different materials, such as personal pictures, war footages, archive material, interviews made by the author in different places. A movie that examines the limits of human condition focusing on the meaning of war and the way it is documented. The diaristic tone goes beyond the topic of war and war journalism to achieve a broad-based investigation on man and life. It also brings together both the professional and personal side, thanks to

Intercations jury
Best short
L de Libertad by Javier Hernandez, Marc Guanyabens

The Interactions Jury Award for the best short film goes to L de Libertad by Javier Hernández and Marc Guanyabens. The main character of the movie goes beyond the limits set by his disability, in order to find his independence. Greater autonomy leads people to play an active role in the society. The main character wants to be an example for those in need, giving them a chance for the future, also thanks to the community, not with a pitiful approach but with its concrete and valuable support.


Video contest Creare Legami
Best short
Legami by Patrycja Maria Bariasz

Per la capacità di riflettere sul concetto di legame, interpretando il tema del Festival con profondità, ma allo stesso tempo attraverso un messaggio semplice e comprensibile a tutti.

Special mention
Il legame fa la forza by Samuel Correnti

For the ability to reflect on the concept of bond, which deeply interprets the Festival’s topic, but at the same time through a simple and understandable message.