Festival Duemila30

selezione a cura di Duemila30 2018/ selection by Duemila30 2018

Duemila30 is an International Short Film Festival for High School and University students, organised by the Cultural Association Quindici19, in collaboration with the United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNric) and with the cultural patronage of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS). Furthermore, the festival is realised within the environment of the National Cinema Plan for Schools, promoted by the Ministry of Education, Universities and research (Miur). The main goal of the Festival is to challenge young directors to reflect upon the global sustainability issues subject to the United Nation’s Agenda for 2030 and to create new ideas and solutions in this regard. Besides that, the festival offers an educational program for the young directors and for interested high school students, to elaborate on the relationship between cinema and the Sustainable Development Goals, questioning the civil responsibility of an audiovisual message and the impact it can make.

Creole balls / Bolas criollas

regia / director Juan Vicente Manrique, Vittorio Dugarte Barbarito
fotografia / photography Karen Guerra
montaggio / editing Vittorio Duarte Barbarito, Juan Vicente Manrique, Miguel Ángel Garcia
produzione / production Kelly Gutierrez
Venezuela 2018, 12′
spagnolo con sottotitoli in Inglese / Spanish with English subtitles


The short film presents a utopian Venezuelan society, strongly criticizing what happened in Venezuela in recent years. Through the lightness of a comedy, the short film deals with issues of totalitarian regimes in a surreal way to underline the absurdity of limitations to personal liberties.


On Scene
regia / director Lisa Hoffmann
fotografia / photography Lisa Hoffmann
montaggio / editing Lisa Hoffmann
produzione / production Lisa Hoffmann
Germania 2018, 8’5
inglese / English


What if you can`t remember but you know you have been there? Through a personal reflection of the tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea, on the 6th of November 2017, witnessing, between dead and missing people, 50 migrant victims on board of the “Sea Watch”, the short film explores new ways of storytelling, a new language away from the mainstream media.