Film for our future network

presentazione del progetto / presentation of the project

The Film For Our Future network aims to create an impact by actively engaging young filmmakers to showcase their capability to inform and inspire people from all walks of life about the global challenges our modern world faces. Quoting Marshall McLuhan, “the medium is the message”, a film, as an immersive audiovisual medium, can be a strong way of promoting, learning about and reflecting upon sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals). Connecting together film festivals and organizations that share a common vision, the mission is to spread this message beyond borders. The network members are: Watersprite Film Festival (United Kingdom), Lucca Film Festival (Italy), Arc Film Festival (Germany), Festival dei Diritti Umani (Italy), Sole Luna Doc Film Festival (Italy), Raindance Film Festival (United Kingdom), Sustainable Living Film Festival (Turkey), Religion Today Film Festival (Italy).