2007 – Behind that snowy hill

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15 DOC | May 5



Behind that snowy hill

Regia | Director: Ramtin Lavafipour
Fotografia | Fotography: Ramtin Lavafipour
Montaggio | Editing: Ramtin Lavafipour
Produzione | Production company: CMI – Cima Media International
Iran, 2007, 25’, Kurdo con sottotitoli in italiano e inglese | Kurdish with Italian and English subtitles

This curious mystery revolves around an old woman who wanders about in an obscure, deserted village. She is not truly alone, but rather surrounded by the souls of all the people dear to her. She can see them clearly. They talk to each other in the shade; sometimes they bring her food. The villagers who moved away years ago all have their own versions of the old woman’s story. Is she disturbed, or brave and loyal? She is supposedly waiting for the return of her son. Her tale remains just as impenetrable as the images of the village where the last candles have long burned down.

July 22-29, Santa Maria dello Spasimo

JURY’S STATEMENT – For the author’s ability to bring the viewer into the intimacy of this woman tied to her land and to the mystery that surrounds her. A poetic tale emphasized by a suggestive black and white photograph.

Claudio Strinati – Superintendent Polo museale romano
Vittoria Alliata – Arabist and writer
Daria Galateria – Professor of french literature, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
Gabriella D’Agostino – Anthropologist, University of Palermo
Frederich d’Agay – Historian and writer
Anna Rosa Mattei – Professor of Classical Studies and writer