2008 – Isti’mariyah – Controvento tra Napoli e Baghdad

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15 DOC | May 7


Isti’mariyah – Controvento tra Napoli e Baghdad

Regia|Director Michelangelo Severgnini
Fotografia|Photography Michelangelo Severgnini
Montaggio|Editing Michelangelo Severgnini
Produzione|Production Peacereporter.net
Italy, 2006, 75’, Italiano e Arabo con sottotitoli in Italiano e inglese | Italian and Arabic with Italian and English subtitles

Dear Alessandro, I finally write to you, after months of silence to tell you about a secret story. Yes, I have indeed been fighting in the Iraqi resistance. A Radio journalist from Naples gathers the story of a young Syrian, Shadi, as the symbol of many young people from the Middle East. From this emerges a portrait of a controversial generation bond between contradictions and faith, due to a state of perennial warfare. The social and historical sceneries on which the film has been set (between Italy, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq), has a similar name in the Middle East: Isti’mariyah – Colonialism.

July 20-25, Santa Maria dello Spasimo

JURY’S STATEMENT – The documentary describes the big History through small individual stories. For the dialogues built up, for the capacity to face such a strong political theme without fanaticism. For the glimmer of hope that still exists in the chance of choosing as individuals. Because the documentary interprets in an impeccable way the topic of dialogue, one of the aim of this exhibition

Vittoria Alliata – Arabist and writer
Loretta Napoleoni – Essayist, journalist, expert on Middle East
Gabriella D’Agostino – Anthropologist, University of Palermo
Claus Peter Haase – Director of the Pergamon Museum of Berlino
Giuseppe Barbera – Professor of Mediterranean landscape, University of Palermo