2009 – A summer not to forget

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15 DOC | May 12


A summer not to forget

Regia | Director: Carol Mansour
Fotografia | Fotography: Carol Mansour
Montaggio | Editing: Carol Mansour
Produzione | Production company: Forward film production
Lebanon 2007, 27’, arabo con sottotitoli in italiano e inglese | Arabic with Italian and English subtitles

A man killed in a car, a voice is calling an ambulance, noise of shots around in the distance. It is not a fiction but a documentary on the 34 day Israeli attack on Lebanon after that two Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah, on July, 12th 2006. The images tell about the distruction of houses, bridges, streets, industries, quantified in figures and percentage, but above all they say what cannot be shown, enumerated, counted: the lacerated pattern of relationship, the unbearable pain of the victims, their fear, their anguish, their contained despair.

July 6-12, GAM – Complesso monumentale Sant’Anna

JURY’S STATEMENT – A film on the war and its consequences, as never shown before. A terrible metaphor on the total conflict where there is not a direct comparison between enemies, but just the apocalyptic vision of destruction. A work dedicated to all the civilians, innocent victims of the absolute war.

Oliver Watson – Director of the Museum of Islamic Art of Doha
Mondher Kilani – Anthropologist, University of Lausanne
Edoardo Ceccuti – Director of the Archive of the Istituto Luce
Giancarlo Bocchi – Documentary director
Marco Bertozzi – Professor of Architecture IUAV of Venice, documentary director.